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Why does this act of sacrificial protection against Voldemort not work? [duplicate]

In Harry Potter, it is understood that the act of Self Sacrifice is a means of protecting one or more people from death from Avada Kedavra. Sacrificial Protection happens at least twice in the Harry ...
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If a mother's love can negate the effects of Avada Kedavra, is Harry the only wizard loved by his mum? [duplicate]

Tons of people die by this spell, the premise of the books is that Harry is the one person to survive it, ever. This is explained by saying his mother loved him so much that he was shielded. I can't ...
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Why is Harry's protection so unique? [duplicate]

There are a number of questions on this site about the protection spell that Lily gave to Harry through her death, but one question doesn't seem to have been touched on: Why aren't such spells ...
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Does a giver of a Sacrificial Protection need to be given a chance to save themselves? [duplicate]

So, often, when it's asked why Lily seems to be the only known case of Love/sacrifice protection, the answer is that in addition of giving their lives willingly, the one sacrificing themselves must be ...
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Why doesn't Lily have the scar? [duplicate]

According to what I believe is correct, Lily Potter should be the Horcrux, not Harry. When You-Know-Who got to the Potter house, he killed James Potter first. James was trying to protect Lilly and ...
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Since Voldemort knew that Dumbledore did not kill Grindelwald, why did he think that killing Snape was necessary for him to wield the Elder Wand?

We know that Voldemort knew that Grindelwald was not killed by Dumbledore, as he himself killed Grindelwald. We also know that Voldemort knew that Dumbledore was the last person to wield the Elder ...
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Could Harry ruin the Regeneration potion by willingly giving blood?

Can Harry Potter ruin the Regeneration potion (the one of Flesh-Blood-Bone from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) by simply willing to share the blood? B-blood of the enemy... forcibly taken... ...
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Why would Voldemort spare Lily?

In one of Harry's dementor-induced flashbacks, he presumably hears his mother protesting against Voldemort: Harry was falling again through thick white fog, and his mother’s voice was louder than ...
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How loyal was Snape to Voldemort before becoming a double agent?

In seeing these two questions and some their answers it prompted me to think of the question I am asking... Why would Voldemort spare Lily? Why didn't James' love and sacrifice for Lily ...
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How has no one else ever survived the Killing Curse before Harry?

In the Harry Potter books, we learn that Harry survives the Killing Curse thanks to his mother's willingness to sacrifice herself for him. This causes the curse to backfire on Voldemort, and leaves ...
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If a death eater had sacrificed themselves for Voldemort - would that offer a protection to him similar to the one given by Lily for Harry?

Related questions: 1) Why didn't James' love and sacrifice for Lily protect her? 2) Would Neville Longbottom Have Survived If Voldemort Had Marked Neville For Death Rather Than Harry? It ...
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Why did Voldemort show mercy to Lily?

According to the answers to this question, the reason why Lily's sacrifice created a protective aura around Harry, but James' did not, was because Lily was given the chance to flee and refused. ...
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Did Lily know that her death would save Harry?

In this answer DVK says, that "Lily's protection magic was triggered by her choosing to die to protect Harry". Has she got or knew anything, that would let her believe, that her sacrifice will save ...
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Why did Harry being prepared to let Voldemort kill him "make all the difference"?

In King's Cross, when Harry tells Dumbledore that he meant to let Voldemort kill him, Dumbledore says And that will, I think, have made all the difference. If he is referring to the fact that the ...
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