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Short story, space traveller crashes on planet, planet can replicate water, man eventually transforms into alien [duplicate]

I read this story 30+ years ago in grade school. A man crashes on an alien planet. He has a small amount of water and accidentally spills some, and the planet replicates it but it must destroy part of ...
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I forgot the title: astronaut slowly turns into alien [duplicate]

Does anyone know the story about an astronaut stranded on an alien planet who discovers an alien habitat or some sort, that slowly transforms him into an alien being in order to survive its toxic ...
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Short story where a man stranded on Mars finds an abandoned Martian civilization with machines that try to provide him with food [duplicate]

It's an old story (maybe from the fifties?) about a man stranded on Mars, and about to die. He finds the remains of an ancient Martian civilization, now extinct. But the machines are still working, ...
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Man stranded alone on alien planet with alien machine [duplicate]

I read a story in an old scifi mag years back from the 60's or 70's (in Amazing Stories maybe) about a guy stranded alone on an alien planet where there was an intelligent machine that could make ...
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Story haunting me: Man marooned on Mars, transformed into Martian [duplicate]

Many years ago, while in my earliest 20's, I read a short story that has haunted me since. I am 70 now, and keep looking for this one story. My husband had a small collection of paperback books ...
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A short story about an astronaut on Mars [duplicate]

When I was a kid I had a book that had many older sci-fi short stories. One of my favs was about an astronaut who was the only one left alive after a crash-landing on Mars. His food and water ran out ...
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Short story about a man who, stranded on a strange planet, slowly changes into an alien life form

I read this short story many years ago and forgot the name, I am hoping people can help me remember it! An astronaut is stranded on a strange planet. Something terminal happened to his teammates and ...
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Book about a man studying aliens. Modifies his body to get closer to them and ultimately doesn't see himself as human anymore [duplicate]

I am looking to recall a book I read 20 years ago. A journalist/anthropologist man (human) studies aliens. He uses various techniques to get close to hard to study aliens. He starts to use tech to ...
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Identify a 1950's era story about a man left on empty planet who slowly becomes native

This is one of the two stories I read as a kid in the 1950's, early 60's which forever locked me into sci-fi. Spoiler alert! I want to identify a short story about a spaceman who ended up marooned ...
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Short story pre-1978 astronaut? stranded in deserted city, saved by stone that gives up water

Trying to identify a story I read in a collection in the late 70s. My memory is sketchy but I think the story starts with two men, possibly astronauts. I think they are somehow separated (either one ...
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Sci fi short story about a man who lives with pig creatures on an alien planet

I read a story a long time ago that always stuck in my mind. It's probably from the 50s-70s. I have tried to remember it fairly accurately but details may be wrong. A man (crash?) lands on a distant ...
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