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If Magical Curses in Harry Potter only work on humans and other tangible objects, how did Voldemort curse the DADA position, if it was intangible? [duplicate]

As stated in the title above. How do you curse a non-intangible thing? I know you can curse people, and they experience pain or something unpleasant, or objects which destroy them, but how do you ...
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Why didn't Voldemort curse the headmaster's position (if he was able to curse the DADA teacher position)? [duplicate]

If Voldemort was able to curse the DADA teaching position, why didn't he (or wasn't able to) curse the headmaster position? that could have helped him get Dumbledore out of his way for applying for ...
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Why didn't Dumbledore do anything to lift the curse on the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher? [duplicate]

Throughout the entire series, it was rumored that there is a jinx on the post of "Defence Against the Dark Arts" teacher, which leads to the fact that, no wizard can hold that post for more than 1 ...
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Did Voldemort actually curse the job of Defense Against Dark Arts professor after being denied the position?

So, everyone and their formidable Grandmother believes that DADA position at Hogwarts is cursed so that anyone taking it only lasts a year at most. Some people who know more than others, might ...
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Why did Hogwarts hire DADA teachers?

Dumbledore knew that Voldemort had cursed the Defence Against the Dark Arts teaching position. So, hiring DADA teachers is knowingly putting their lives at risk. Did Dumbledore make a mistake by ...
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Was Quirrell the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher for more than one year?

It's well seen throughout the series that there is a “curse” on the DADA teacher position, that no one can hold that post for more than a year. But it seems like Quirrell has been around for longer ...
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Why Voldemort sent some of his best men to occupy the DADA job if he had cursed it?

We all know that Voldemort had cursed the DADA job (or if he didn't do it explicitely, that he has at least the knowledge about this job beeing cursed because nobody has been able to keep this job for ...
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In what year did Voldemort curse the DADA job

Dumbledore tells us that DADA professor job at Hogwarts was cursed - no teacher lasted for more than a year - ever since Voldemort was denied the position. "Oh, he definitely wanted the Defence ...
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Why was Umbridge hired?

Why was Umbridge hired if Snape also applied for the position? Surely Dumbledore would prefer Snape as the Defence against the Dark Arts teacher than a ministry official. UPDATE: She was only hired ...
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In the “Spinner’s End” chapter in Half-Blood Prince, how does Bellatrix miss this? [closed]

When Snape is answering Bellatrix’s questions (which also serve as a convenient plot device to explain why Voldemort trusts Snape), he says this about how much Dumbledore trusts him: “Not quite,” ...
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Albus Dumbledore and teachers of the Defense Against the Dark Arts

Reading the Harry Potter series, I have this feeling that Dumbledore always got the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher wrong. Was this on purpose or was it his incompetence?
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Would renaming DADA to something else break Voldemort's curse?

Lord Voldemort had cursed DADA job, and I was wondering, would renaming the position or opening a new position instead of DADA break the jinx?
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Who was the victim of the curse on the DADA position in The Goblet of Fire?

In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Alastor Moody accepted a job as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Moody is no longer a DADA teacher and as we ...
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