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How did the Borg come into being? [duplicate]

Pretty straight forward question. How did the Borg start? Is there anything in the STU, or in novels, or anywhere that deals with the creation of the Borg, Borg Queen, first Drone, etc.? Was there an ...
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Who was the first Borg? [duplicate]

In 'Star Trek: Voyager', we find out in one of the episodes (I for the life of me can't remember which... edits are welcome), that the Borg Queen (portrayed beautifully by Susanna Thompson) comes from ...
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Could the Borg have origins from an awry experiment in the Delta Quadrant? [duplicate]

Could the Borg have been a result of a civilization in the Delta Quadrant trying to develop advanced medical nanites and the experiment went awry?
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Star trek Borg origins [duplicate]

could the origin of the borg be tied in somehow (creatively) with the original series episode "The Lights of Zetar"? Were they 100% certain they destroyed them in the compression chamber or just drove ...
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Was V'ger responsible for the creation of the Borg?

I remember reading somewhere a theory that V'ger (the being that the Voyager probe had become in Star Trek: The Motion Picture) was somehow responsible for the creation of the Borg. Is this canonical?...
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Why does the Borg Queen have a gender?

As I just answered, Borg don't have sexual reproduction. The Borg Queen seems to have replaceable bodies. So why does she even have a gender (e.g. Borg Queen vs. Borg Leader)? She does have one - ...
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Why are the Borg unable to remember their own history?

Some dialogue in VOY: Dragon's Teeth suggests that as of the 15th Century AD, the Borg had only assimilated a few dozen systems. Seven mentions that the Borg's memories of this period are extremely ...
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Why do the Borg refer to Earth as 'Sector 001'?

A note for future readers of this question: this is based on an incorrect memory of the Voyager episode 'Dark Frontier'. The term 'Sector 001' indicates that it is a point of origin. Unless I'm ...
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Could Harry Mudd be the Progenitor of the Borg? [closed]

I know it sounds strange, but hear me out. Harry Mudd was last seen trapped on a planet of super advanced androids that operated with a shared consciousness. These androids wanted to study humans in ...
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Did the Borg follow a Borgesian philosophy?

(By Borgesian, I mean the philosophy of Jorge Luis Borges.) Context: I've been working on a book for quite a while. One of its main themes is the odd connections between random parts of history. ...
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Was Q Created in the very first Star Trek Movie? [duplicate]

This question is based off the end of the very first Star Trek Movie, so I will ask it in spoilers in the odd case that you haven't seen it yet. could this theoretically have been the beginning of ...
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In-universe, what is the origin of the name "Borg"? [duplicate]

Is there an explanation anywhere of why the Borg have come to call themselves "the Borg", in-universe? Note : I am not asking about the origins of the Borg collective itself — only how ...
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Was V'ger (the Voyager 6 space probe) the beginning of the Borg collective in Star Trek? [duplicate]

In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, an entity named V'ger shows up wreaking havoc in the Sol System. Through some inquiry, investigation and risk taking, the Enterprise crew figures out that it is in ...
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