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Why do the Effects of Some Magic Wear Off After the Caster Dies, While Other Magic Continues On? [duplicate]

Straight forward question, really. Why is it that some magic wears off after the caster dies, whereas other forms of magic stick around long after the casters death? In the Half-Blood Prince, we ...
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How long does a spell last in the Harry Potter universe? [duplicate]

I didn't find this question or a related answer to my question. Some spells like "Avada Kedavra" are spells that are intended to do one thing, the conjurer focuses on that spell and when they stop ...
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What kind of magic stops when its creator dies, which doesn't? [duplicate]

Through the book series there have been examples of charms stopping when its creator dies (Harry could move again after Dumbledore fell in HBP), but also of charms continue working (Protection of ...
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When a wizard dies in the Harry Potter series, do all of the effects of the spells they cast die with them? [duplicate]

When a wizard dies in the Harry Potter series, do all of their spells die with them? When I say die, I mean get lifted. For example, in Half-Blood Prince, after Dumbledore's death, this happens: ...
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Did the creators of the Marauder's Map rediscover lost magic?

Specifically, I'm thinking of the Deathly Hallows and their age. I have a vague memory of either Ron or Hermione commenting on it being unusual that Harry's Invisibility Cloak has worked so well for ...
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Why is the Burrow so cramped on the inside?

Why is the Weasleys' house so cramped on the inside? I understand that, from a plot device perspective, having their house be cramped (as was described a few times like Ron and Ginny's rooms) further ...
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Why are there "dilapidated" buildings in Harry Potter?

Given that a 10 year-old or so Hermione could mend broken glasses, wouldn't it be very easy for an adult wizard to mend/fix walls/doors/etc... in a building? The principle is the same (restoring ...
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Why did Francis the fish given by Lily Potter to Professor Slughorn disappear upon Lily's death?

"T'was a student who gave me Francis... One spring afternoon I discovered a bowl on my desk, just a few inches of clear water in it. Floating on the surface was a flower petal... as I watched, it sank....
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Is transfiguration permanent?

After taking a lot of complicated notes, they were each given a match and started trying to turn it into a needle. By the end of the lesson, only Hermione Granger had made any difference to her ...
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Why didn't they see that Voldemort wasn't dead?

Why did most people think that Voldemort was dead even when there was clear evidence that he was still alive? In the 6th part we learn from Prof. Slughorn that when Lilly died, her magical goldfish ...
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