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Did J. K. Rowling's Religious Beliefs Determine Much in Harry Potter?

I can't find the link, but I remember reading a quote that J. K. Rowling said that she didn't believe in witches and wizards and magic, and that the only reason she could write about it was because ...
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2 Way Horcrux Chain

Lets say you had 3 wizards, let’s call them A, B and C. If A were to turn B & C into Horcruxes, B were to turn A & C into Horcruxes and C were to turn A & B into Horcruxes. Would killing ...
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Should basilisk venom really be able to destroy Horcruxes?

The only way to destroy a Horcrux, as Hermione tells us, is to put it beyond magical repair. The cup, the locket, Nagini, the ring, and the diary are all destroyed by a sword or fang covered in ...
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Could Harry have died a natural death while he was a kind-of-Horcrux, and what would become of the part that Voldemort had to kill him?

I just wonder that during his first few years at Hogwarts, Harry could have died in a Quidditch match, or by any accident in the Muggle world, or even been killed using a knife by anybody. Would that ...
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Why can Harry be injured so easily?

Since Harry has a piece of the Dark Lord’s soul, why is that he can be injured so easily? I ask this question because I don't understand why the Horcruxes are so hard to damage, but Harry can get hurt ...
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Why do spells affect Harry when he is a Horcrux?

I didn't read the books, only watched the movies... so I don't know if my question is legit. There are a number of examples of Harry being affected by spells in the books, including: Gilderoy ...
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Feasibility of using Dark Magic to do a Horcrux-ectomy

Based on this answer about what it takes to destroy a Horcrux, it seems that the key requirement is being damaged beyond magical repair (at least according to Hermione). “Exactly,” said Hermione. “...
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How did Harry not get crushed in Godric's Hollow?

It is explained that when Voldemort tried to kill Harry as a baby, his Avada Kedavra rebounded due to Lily's sacrifice. This caused two (important) things to happen: Voldemort got blasted into an ...
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Why didn't Harry specify to Neville that he had to use the sword to kill Nagini?

Harry tells Neville to kill the snake, but does not tell him it needs to be done a certain way, or Nagini would not die. Why?
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Is it possible to break a horcrux, and if so what happens then? [duplicate]

Is it possible to break a Horcrux? I don't mean destroy, but if a glass cup is a Horcrux, will it still be whole after it drops from a great height? And then what happens to the Horcrux if it ís ...