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Harry potter normal curriculum education [duplicate]

The wizards learn magic at Hogwarts, but what about "normal" education. Muggles learn English, Math etc. Is this not noticed when they make contact with muggles that they can't do basic math that you ...
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Do Hogwarts students learn the core subjects? [duplicate]

I understand that students at Hogwarts learn about magic, but what about the core subjects such as Math, English, History, and Science? If they do not wish to pursue a career in magic, they need to ...
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How do wizards/witches in the Harry Potter universe learn non-magic subjects? [duplicate]

In the Harry Potter series, there is a lot of talk about the curriculum at Hogwarts but they never talk about learning math, Muggle history, advanced reading/writing, etc. Are we to believe they are ...
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Are there non-squib wizards/witches who work 100% in muggle world?

This Q/A ( Does Hogwarts teach non magical classes? ) made me realize that I can't seem to remember a single HP wizard/witch who had a Muggle job with a Muggle company, aside from Kingsley's bodyguard ...
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Do wizards know of great literature by Muggles?

Inspired by Does Hogwarts teach non magical classes question, as well as the Harry Potter series' supposed effect on children in introducing them to reading. I'm curious whether there are mentions in ...
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Does Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters teach normal school subjects?

The main purpose of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (and later the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning) seems to be to teach mutants to use their powers. Does the school also teach "normal" ...
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What percentage of wizards are born from wizard families?

I was looking at a comment here, and realized that I don't know what percentage of wizards are born to wizard families, and what are born to muggle families? Anyone out there know the answer?
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Is the accountant Weasley cousin an abandoned plot thread?

[T]he muggle cousin is an abandoned plot thread -- that cousin would have a witch daughter, who would live with the Weasleys and be an intellegent Slytherin, being a foil for Hermione; I believe the ...
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Mathematics absent from the wizarding world?

As someone from a scientific education background I can't help but notice that while, for example, biology is mentioned (and at times important) in the Harry Potter books and potions (akin to ...
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Did Hogwarts have a "physical education" style class?

A comment I made on another question got me thinking... In the movies at least, and from character descriptions in the books, most of the students at Hogwarts appear to be in good (if not great) ...
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Hogwarts Teaching Books [closed]

I've recently watched all of the Harry Potter movies. I was really excited by them. But I had one question - which has nearly nothing to do with the concept: What kinds of books and lessons would be ...
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Is there magical science?

I know someone had a question about whether or not the magic from Harry Potter had science behind it[1]. What I want to know, however, is what is the magical view on Muggle science. What do wizards ...
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