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Questions tagged [1001-nights]

For questions about "One Thousand and One Nights", a famous collection of West and South Asian fantastical folk stories, as well as its English translation by Antoine Galland (e.g. including extra "Aladdin", "Ali Baba" and "Sinbad the Sailor").

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1 answer

Immortality passed along

Not sure if this is from the 1001 Nights, but it has that flavor. A holy man comes to visit a king. He claims to be immortal. To prove it, he cuts off his hand, and then sticks it back on. His story ...
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Where is the story of Aladdin originally set?

I always thought that story of Aladdin was set in the Middle East because its 90’s cartoon intro uses “Arabian” Nights words. But, a Quora answer challenged this ...
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Why did the magician need Aladdin to retrieve the Lamp?

The magician already had a ring which housed a genie. While this genie wasn't as powerful as the lamp's genie, he was quite capable of transporting people to anywhere. Why didn't the magician simply ...
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7 votes
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How many genies were there in the lamp in 1001 Nights?

In the original 1001 Nights' "Aladdin" (Windermere Series translation as indicated in an answer here), the following passage indicates there was more than one genie in the lamp (emphasis mine): ...
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How did the concept of Aladdin as thief originate?

Originally, in "One Thousand and One Nights"[1], Aladdin was merely a random poor schmoe. However, in one of the most famous adaptations (1940 movie "The Thief of Baghdad") he's now a street thief. ...
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