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Questions tagged [1984]

A dystopian fiction novel written by George Orwell in 1949, it describes the world of the year 1984 as a nightmarish authoritarian state where "Big Brother" is always watching.

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Is there any evidence George Orwell intended the ending of 1984 to be ambiguous?

In this other question I ask about what happens to Winston Smith at the end of 1984. Without going into spoilers, arguments can be made for two different endings. Much of that is based on a ...
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Did George Orwell know Ronald Syme (and/or was his character Syme in 1984 in some way based on him)?

This is a question I have for those trained in the classics and have read the novel, 1984. One of the minor characters in the novel is a man called Syme, who works on Newspeak. He waxes eloquently ...
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