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A British sci-fi-orientated weekly comic, first published 26th February 1977, best known for the character Judge Dredd.

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2000AD prose and pictures story. Female protagonist looking for someone called Doom

I'm trying to recall a 2000AD (prose and pictures?) story featuring a female protagonist who, I think, normally appeared in comic form. In the story she was trying to locate someone named Brigand Doom....
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Comic where someone's shadow is cut away

This recent question stirred a vague memory. I'm sure it is a different work to the one in the linked thread. It was a comic, not prose. Basically, I have an image of someone cutting away someone's ...
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Judge Dredd story involving use of a device that stops time for theft

I'm looking for a Judge Dredd story I read before 1992, in which the villain was using a device that could either stop or slow down time in order to steal items. He is eventually caught when Dredd ...
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Name of comic where protagonist finds his past, dead self

I'm looking for the name of a comic, or at least the name of the character to which it belongs. This comic was probably published in the early 90s. It possibly belongs to 2000 AD, or at least ...
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Is everyone in the justice department a Judge

When reading up on the lore every character in the Justice Department is called a judge. I wonder is that for all members of the justice department or is that just for specific positions of authority
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Comic story about a pilot who merged with his plane in a crash and became able to fly - sort of!

I remember some elements of this story, but the name and fine details I have forgotten. It was either in 2000 AD or Starlord comics back in the 80’s in the UK. If anyone remembers, or can point me at ...
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How old is Chopper?

Chopper is a renegade, a fighter, and even a graffiti artist. He has had some run-ins with the authorities and with other droids. He even had a small cameo in one of the films. Do we know how old he ...
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2000 AD comic story line where "repetitive thumping sound heard in people's heads" saves them from apocalypse

I am looking to identify a 2000 AD story where the protagonist is able to broadcast a repetitive thumping. A group of people who hear the sound in their heads set off from the Earth to the moon (?) to ...
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In which issue of 2000AD did King Rudraige mac Dela appear?

The Wikipedia page for Sláine (2000AD) mentions King Rudraige mac Dela: King Rudraige mac Dela – Ruler of the city of Gorlias and guardian of the Silver Sword of the Moon. His hand was bitten ...
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Short story about a man who claimed could wiggle his bottom and jump to alternate reality Earths

I'm trying to track down the story which I'd found very funny as a kid and wanted to pass it on my kids: He appeared to be a spiv/tramp who had accosted a passer by and told them a fantastical ...
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2000AD comic from the 80s featuring a giant shark

This should be easy for someone to remember but I'm having no luck searching for it on the internet. The UK comic 2000AD featured, very early on, a long running series about a giant shark and the ...
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Why does Slaine warp-spasm?

In the Slaine comics, what causes him to warp-spasm in battle? Does he have any control over it happening?'s user avatar
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Was Judge Dredd a fascist and was it a sign of things to come?

In one story I remember reading that the judiciary had trouble makers planted in democracy protests to agitate trouble to cause the judges to intervene and lock people up. In another story (the ...
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Which of Judge Dredd's enemies had a nickname related to "fists"?

I am looking for a specific one (I just can't seem to put a name to the face in my head). He was a Karate/martial arts expert that had several big fights with Dredd that mostly ended up in draws (i.e....
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