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Questions tagged [a-quiet-place]

For questions about the science fiction thriller film A Quiet Place, released in 2018. Directed by and starring John Krasinski. Also starring Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe.

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In "A Quiet Place 2" are there monsters in every continent?

We know that monsters can't swim. A group has survived on a small island. If those monsters came from space (as it seems from the ball of fire falling from heaven at the beginning of 2nd movie), they ...
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Why didn't the family go live near the waterfall?

In the first movie the dad takes his son near a waterfall where they can even shout or scream but the aliens wouldn't hear it because of the ambient sound. So why didn't the family go live near the ...
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What is the range and sensitivity of the monsters' hearing?

In A Quiet Place, everyone has to stay silent or risk being hunted by the alien monsters. Has the range and sensitivity of their hearing ever been defined, or are there just lots of monsters ...
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Why does the family choose to travel barefoot?

In A Quiet Place (2018), there is a chance of hurting themselves by stepping on sharp objects, which could make them shout in pain and alert the aliens. Why did they choose to travel barefoot?
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Why did Lee Abbott say, "I didn't say anything"?

Lee Abbott signs Evelyn Abbott that her face is beautiful: Lee Abbott: Beautiful. (Evelyn Abbott makes funny expression) Lee Abbott: I didn't say anything. Why did he say, "I didn't say ...
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How did Evelyn cook the food from the floor?

In the science-fiction movie A Quiet Place (2018), Evelyn pulls out the tray with cooked fish from the floor. How did she cook the food from the floor?
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Why did Regan look worried when Beau signed to her about Rocket?

In Science fiction A Quiet Place (2018), Regan checks on her younger brother, Beau, who is drawing a picture of a rocket on the floor. He signs to Regan, "Rocket. That's how we'll get away." then she ...
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Is the film 'A Quiet Place' based on the book 'The Silence'?

The blurb for A Quiet Place (2018) immediately made me think of the book The Silence (2015) by Tim Lebbon (which I read last month). They're both about blind creatures that hunt by noise and a family ...
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How did the aliens get to Earth in A Quiet Place?

In the film A Quiet Place, it seems that Earth has been overrun by blind extraterrestrials who only hunt what they can hear. However, it doesn't seem that the aliens are intelligent enough to have ...
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