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Questions tagged [a-song-of-ice-and-fire]

For questions about the series of epic fantasy novels titled "A Song of Ice and Fire" written by George R. R. Martin. For questions about the TV series based on this series, use the [game-of-thrones] tag instead. If your question is overlapping in scope, you may use both tags. Append any relevant character tags. Only use [george-r-r-martin] for questions about the author himself.

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Why did the dragon refuse to cross the Wall in Fire & Blood?

SPOILER warning. If you haven't read the recently released Fire & Blood book by George R. R. Martin, or haven't seen the last episode of season 7, then this post contains possible spoilers. In the ...
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Was the chained library at the Citadel modelled after the chained library of Hereford Cathedral?

A recent question over on Movies & TV asks the following: Why are the books in the Game of Thrones citadel library shelved spine inwards? The answers within mainly answer from an out of universe ...
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Do the Tyrells know (or suspect) where Sansa is?

Note: this refers to book canon only. The Tyrells worked with Littlefinger to at the purple wedding. As this is taking place, Sansa is spirited away by Littlefinger to the Vale, the endgame of this ...
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What killed Aerea Targaryen?

The Fire & Blood chapter "Jaehaerys and Alysanne, Their Triumphs and Tragedies" details the striking death of Aerea Targaryen in 56 AC, though there is a great deal of mystery ...
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Do White Walkers and wights see differently from ordinary humans?

When a human turns into a White Walker or wight, their eyes turn bright blue. Is their vision altered as well? Do they see things better / worse / differently from unturned living humans?
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Why was Driftmark castle built in an inopportune location?

House Velaryon's ancestral Castle Driftmark is built on a spot on the island of Driftmark which is damp and tends to get "flooded" (I would guess slightly flooded on one side). Now, we know the island ...
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Why did Rhaenyra Targaryen think that Bartimos Celtigar couldn't ride a dragon?

House Celtigar is one of the three Valyrian houses that moved to the Western most outpost of the Valyrian Empire (The other two being Velaryons and Targaryens). Out of the three of them only ...
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Can resurrected bodies have rights to the Iron Throne?

I think to remember some discussion telling that time ago, centuries ago, the noble houses of Westeros had agreed that a resurrected person has no more rights to any title of nobility. I though this ...
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