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A way of pronouncing a language which is typically determined by a person's upbringing, the place they lived during their childhood, and their primary language and ethnicity.

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Is Kes' accent from the actor or the character?

I cannot place Kes' accent. What is it? Is it based on any non-fiction accent? Is it the accent of Jennifer Lien from her daily life? Or was it a choice to make this the accent of the character?
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What was Lord Refa's accent?

One of the nicer touches to JMS's worldbuilding of the Babylon 5 universe is the fact that many of the alien species, and even different characters within the same species, speak with different ...
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What is Niska's accent?

Mr Niska is a 'recurring' (stars in 2 of 14 episodes) antagonist in Firefly, an old man with a mini empire and a penchant for torture. He's very creepy and has a very distinctive accent, which I ...
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What is Londo Mollari's accent?

In Babylon 5, the character of Londo Mollari speaks with a very distinctive accent, which you can hear for example in this video: It's certainly not the actor's real ...
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What is Deanna Troi's accent?

The TNG character Deanna Troi always speaks with a slight foreign accent, which I've been unable to place. In-universe it's presumably a Betazoid accent, but what is it based on out-of-universe? It ...
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Why does everyone in Game Of Thrones have a British accent?

What is the reason for the British accents in Game Of Thrones? Specifically in the North and South, not in what is considered foreign lands like Qarth and Meereen. Although George R. R. Martin is ...
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Is Chekov's accent considered normal, in-universe?

In honor of Anton Yelchin, I have a question about Pavel Chekov. Chekov's Russian accent is irregular. Apparently, Walter Koenig based the accent on that of his father, who had difficulty with the "v"...
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Did the Rozhenkos speak with an accent?

Was there a deliberate "foreignness" to the Rozhenkos' speech in ST:TNG? In-universe, it would make sense: they were NOT native speakers (Belorussians or Russians by ancestry, and lived in ...
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Origins of Scruffy's accent

What is the origin of Scruffy's (the Planet Express janitor) accent? I noted he says at one point (what sounds to my ear) like: Jail's not s' bad. You can make Sang-Gree-a in the turlet. I ...
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What accent do Duros speak with?

In the course of a RPG campaign set in the Star Wars universe, a question has arisen about a Duros character: should his speech have a significant accent when speaking Basic? As we are not native ...
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Why does Leia's accent change during A New Hope?

In the first 30 minutes of Star Wars IV, Leia has a pseudo-British accent. As the movie progresses she loses her accent and gets a more American-tough girl accent. Is there a reason behind this?
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