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Questions tagged [addams-family]

For questions about "The Addams Family" and all their related media. They are a fictional family created by American cartoonist Charles Addams. The family has been the subject of numerous adaptations in various media, including a popular 1964 television show.

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4 answers

What was the location of The Addams Family in various versions?

Are there any indications of the location of the Addams Family's house in the magazine, cartoons, various movies and tv shows, etc? The only clue I remember is that in the (1965) TV show Gomez and ...
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How do these approaches to death in Wednesday go together?

The question is about 2022 Netflix series Wednesday. On one side all members of the Addams seems to enjoy everything connected with suffering and death. Wednesday herself actually almost kills someone ...
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Why is Pugsley portrayed as such a wimp in the Wednesday TV series?

In the TV series Wednesday (2022), Pugsley is beat up by bullies, picked on by Wednesday, and seems to be pretty much normal. I have previously only seen the cartoon versions of The Addams Family and ...
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How does the weather change so drastically in the same town?

I was watching the Netflix show Wednesday and in Episode 3 ("Friend or Woe"), the titular character, Wednesday is out on an "outreach" excursion from her school Nevermore to the ...
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How can Wednesday cut her brother's arm and nothing happened?

In the movie The Addams Family, Wednesday cut off her brother Pugsley's arm, but it doesn't seem like it had any lasting consequences. Is there any official explanation about how the arm got ...
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Addams family: any indication that Gomez, his wife and kids are supernatural?

There are cousin Itt and the disembodied hand Thing (I had to look this up, easy to confuse), and they are not human although perhaps human variants or derived from humans. But Gomez, his wife, and ...
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What is Cousin Itt in The Addams Family?

Is Itt human under all that hair, or is the hair itself a living kind of entity similar to Thing?
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Do magic and ghosts exist in the Addams Family's world?

Between Gate [their "pet" gate which seems to be sentient, romping with people and opening up for them], Morticia saying she studied "spells and casting", Granny/Mama working over her cauldron in the ...
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What are the Addams family?

Honestly, there are too many questions I have about The Addams Family, as people and a series/franchise that may be hard to answer. Granted, with decades of history and various interpretations and ...
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Why is Wednesday Addams named ... Wednesday?

Her mother's name being Morticia, it strikes me odd that her daughter would be named after a day of the week. Am I missing something? What is the reasoning behind that character being named Wednesday?
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3 answers

How did 'Thing' change locations in The Addams Family (TV series)?

In the TV series Thing was a disembodied hand, that moved from one box or container to another. According to Wikipedia "Thing apparently has the ability to teleport from container to container, almost ...
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14 votes
1 answer

Who built "Lurch", the Addams family's butler?

As I caught an episode of The Addams Family on Retro TV last night, it finally dawned on me that Lurch may have been a Frankenstein Monster. Is there any evidence beyond Lurch's outward appearance ...
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