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For questions about "Warhammer: Age of Sigmar", a tabletop wargame released by Games Workshop in 2015. Questions with this tag should pertain to the science fiction or fantasy elements of the game, rather than gameplay.

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How do Fyreslayers get food?

I've been reading about factions in Age of Sigmar and I haven't found a good explanation for how Fyreslayers feed themselves. I understand it's a fantasy setting, but most of the other factions have ...
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What happens to the souls of the dead in Age of Sigmar?

What happens to the souls of the dead in Age of Sigmar? We know that the bravest of heroes often gets taken by Sigmar and formed into Stormcast eternals. But what about the rest? Are they either Om ...
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Age of Sigmar: if Ghouls are delusional, how come their "titles" are realistic?

In the newest background for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar's brand of Ghouls, now called "The Flesh-Eater Courts", the Ghouls are deranged humanoids led by a vampire-like Ghoul King who projects ...
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Do Stormcast Eternals Rest or Sleep?

Games Workshop are calling for authors and I want to write an story about an expedition of Stormcast Eternals into the Realm of Death. I want to write a campfire scene, however I'm not aware of any ...
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Is the Old World connected to the 40k universe? [duplicate]

Is the End Times connected to 40k or is it a complete different story? Because the Old World is hardly High-Terra and the corruption that Archaon brought is not the purity of High-Terra.
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Who Survives the End of Times?

At the End of Times everybody However Nagash, Sigmar and Arielle (doesn't she rule the Realm of Life?) all make appearances in the Age of Sigmar. Originally I believed that all the incarnates ...
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What are the out-of-universe reasons for the End of Times and the Age of Sigmar?

I've been away from the Warhammer world for some years now, so correct me if I make wrong assumptions. I think this question is on-topic because of the "behind the scenes" kind of question we allow ...
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Have we seen any references to Gotrek and / or Felix since the Age of Sigmar began?

During The End Times, Gotrek: and Felix I’ve not read much of the Age Of Sigmar, I just can’t bring myself to invest any time in it. But can anyone tell me if there has been any mention of either ...
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Who or what were the Lord Relictors?

I've recently read The Gates of Azyr and it discusses many of the Stormcast Eternal's previous lives, it talks about Vandus before he was reborn however it only hints there's more to the Lord ...
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