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For questions about the age of a character or element in a story. Always use in conjunction with the relevant work tag.

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What age would an off-worlder start taking the spice Melange?

In the Dune series by Frank Herbert, at what age would people not from Arrakis (eg. Members of a Great House/aristocracy or the rich) start taking Melange? As it has geriatric properties to extend the ...
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How old were the rebels, Wedge and Biggs?

How old were the members of the rebellion, Wedge and Biggs, at the time we first meet them, helping the rebels' bombing mission which successfully hit the reactor? Any similarity to recent questions ...
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How old was Miguel O'Hara when he became Spider-Man 2099?

Spider-Man 2099 is about Miguel O'Hara who gets his DNA spliced with that of a spider and takes on the mantle of Spider-Man. How old was Miguel when this happened? He seems to be an established ...
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Are the Salvatore brothers' ages inconsistent?

So in season 6 and 7 its mentioned a few times that when Lily, the brother's mother, dies Stefan is 10 and Damon is 17 - this was in 1858. But if the dates are all correct for Stefan and Damon's ...
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