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Questions tagged [ahsoka-series]

Use for questions related to the 2023 Star Wars: Ahsoka television series. Questions related to the character Ahsoka Tano herself should use the tag [ahsoka-tano]. Always use in conjunction with the [star-wars] tag.

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5 votes
1 answer

Do Ahsoka's face markings have any meaning?

I'm assuming that her face markings are not a natural component of her physiology. So do the markings on Ahsoka's face have any special meaning? And when in her life did she receive them?
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1 answer

Why weren't these characters' faces shown in Ahsoka S1E5?

In Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 5, "Shadow Warrior", there's a sequence where I noticed that in this scene, My first thought was that it was due to Has this been discussed by anyone working on ...
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7 votes
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Is this dialogue in Ahsoka inspired by a scene from The Clone Wars?

In Episode 5 of Ahsoka, Ahsoka relives one of her battles alongside Anakin in the Clone Wars. After the battle, there's a scene with Ahsoka mourning by the side of one of the wounded Clone Troopers, ...
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Why are midichlorians not mentioned when talking about Sabine in Ahsoka?

Ahsoka mentions talent is a part of becoming a Jedi, but isn't a minimum amount of midichlorians needed to become a Jedi? I could be mistaken, but this is the impression I got from Star Wars I, so I ...
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