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For questions about the 1992 animated fantasy film released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film is based on the Arabic folktale "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp" from "One Thousand and One Nights". Voice actors include Robin Williams, Scott Weinger and Gilbert Gottfried. Use in conjunction with the [disney] tag. For questions about the 2019 live-action remake starring Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, and Will Smith, use [aladdin-2019].

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What is written on Aladdin's lamp?

In Disney's Aladdin (1992), Aladdin, after retrieving the lamp, says: I think there's something written here. But it's, it's hard to make out. After this, he rubs the lamp, releasing the Genie (...
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Why was Iago hiding in Jafar's 'Old Man' disguise?

When Jafar meets Aladdin in prison to fetch the lamp, he disguises himself as an old man. For some reason, he has his parrot Iago hidden in his back while in disguise. OLD MAN: There is a cave, boy....
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How many genies are there in Disney's Aladdin canon?

I've only seen the two movies and little bits and pieces of the animated series and didn't spot any mention of an other genie. So, is Genie actually, THE Genie, one of his kind until fulfilling Jafar'...
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What were the wishes Disney's Aladdin made?

What were the three wishes Aladdin made in the Disney animated feature film? Bonus points if you can give the time mark they happened.
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What does this writing by the genie in Disney's Aladdin say?

I was rewatching Aladdin the other day and caught the genie writing this: What does it say?
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Aladdin: Why Did Wishes Get Revoked?

In the 1992 Disney adaptation of Aladdin, by my count, at least two wishes get revoked without explanation. Aladdin becoming a prince gets revoked. Somehow. The answer here suggests that Jafar ...
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