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For use on questions about the film “Aladdin”, released in 2019 and starring Will Smith, Naomi Scott, and Mena Massoud. Use in conjunction with the [disney] tag. For the 1992 film starring Robin Williams, use the [aladdin-1992] tag.

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How did Aladdin trick Genie inside the cave with his first wish?

In Aladdin (2019), by rewinding, Genie reminds Aladdin that he already used his first wish to get out of the cave but Aladdin argues that it didn't count as his wish. How did Aladdin trick Genie ...
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What "cup" is Genie referring to?

In Aladdin (2019), Genie says to Aladdin: Genie: Don't ever interrupt me, no matter what. Now, I usually don't have to go through all of this... because by the time the guy gets to me, he ...
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What "title" is Jasmine referring to?

In Aladdin (2019), Prince Anders about to marry Jasmine: Prince Anders: So, why did no one tell me of your beauty? Jasmine: No one mentioned yours, either. Prince Anders: Oh! Thank you. ...
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Why did Genie backdate Aladdin's second wish?

In Aladdin (2019), Genie says to Aladdin, who is in underwater: Genie: I, Aladdin, being of sound body and mind..."declare that my second wish is to be saved from certain doom. I took the ...
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What explains the Genie's fate?

In Disney's Aladdin (2019), Aladdin wishes for But why doesn't he just stay a Genie but without the shackles, like in the 1992 version?
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In the Aladdin remake, wouldn’t Jasmine be Sultana?

At the end of the film,
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Will the Genie be blue?

I noticed the new cover of Entertainment Weekly, which features a cover of the actors to be in the new live-action Aladdin. With Will Smith slated to be the Genie, he decidedly does not look like ...
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