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Questions tagged [albus-dumbledore]

Albus Dumbledore, a powerful wizard, is the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and a major character in the Harry Potter series. Use this tag for questions about the character, not those that merely mention him, and with the [harry-potter] tag.

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Was Dumbledore originally planned to be a villain?

Someone in a private discussion recently mentioned that they recall information that Rowling originally planned Dumbledore to be an actual villain (let's leave aside the quibble that a ton of fans ...
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Is Ariana Dumbledore's death different in the movies compared to the books?

I can't find any mention of this in 'Behind the scenes' in the HP fandom. What I understand is: In books: There was a 3-way duel (or 2v1 ?) and then Ariana was caught in the cross fire. More info ...
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