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Questions tagged [alien-3-1992]

Alien 3 is the third film in the Alien film franchise. Use in conjunction with the [alien-franchise] tag.

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In Alien 3, where is Fiorina "Fury" 161? (pre 2012 sources)

In Alien 3, where is Fiorina "Fury" 161? I'm looking for an in-universe source (excluding Prometheus, including everything else) indicating some connection to the real-life night sky. In various ...
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What is the gestation period for an embryo implanted by a face hugger?

The facehuggers from the original Alien films are shown implanting an embryo into a host. Time elapses and we usually see other events taking place before we see the host again. When we see the ...
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55 votes
10 answers

Do we know where Ridley Scott got the idea for the xenomorph inner-mouth?

The xenomorph inner-mouth is pretty unique, I don't think I've ever seen it or anything similar in any real creature. Do we know if Ridley Scott found inspiration for it anywhere in nature or did he ...
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Was there ever a story that involved Hicks and Newt surviving?

I've always considered the scene in which Ripley travels back into the hive to save Newt in Aliens, the most iconic scene from any of the Alien movies. It annoyed me that they killed off Newt and ...
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14 votes
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When did Ripley get infected with the parasitic Xenomorph?

At the end of Aliens, Ripley stows away in the pod with the young girl, and goes into stasis. In Alien 3, we discover that there was actually a face-hugger on board. Ripley later finds out that she's ...
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Confusion with the Alien's death at the end of Alien 3

I'm confused by the end of Alien 3, when they drown the Xenomorph in molten lead. The Xenomorph manages to survive being plunged into boiling hot lead, but previous Xenomorphs were killed by and ...
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12 votes
2 answers

Was Bishop II actually a human?

At the very end of Alien3, we meet a character (credited as Bishop II) who claims to be He goes on to claim What confuses me is that he Here are some pictures to illustrate what I'm talking about: ...
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In Alien 3 is it a dog or a bull that gets infected?

Everyone keeps mentioning how in Alien 3, the first thing to get infected/eaten is a dog. I seem to remember this happening to a rottweiler. But I just saw Alien 3 and the facehugger killed a bull and ...
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