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Questions tagged [all-star-superman]

Use this tag for Questions about All-Star Superman, a twelve-issue comic series featuring Superman by DC Comics. For general questions about Superman, use the pre-existing [superman] tag.

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What is Metropolis Skyport?

What does Cat Gram from All-Star Superman mean by saying "that was Metropolis Skyport"? What’s Metropolis Skyport? What did she mean by "our ride to Poiseidonis has been grounded"?
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5 votes
2 answers

Why does All Star Superman have the space shuttle Columbia in the Fortress of Solitude?

As pointed out in the answer to What items are shown in this panel of All-Star Superman?, Superman in the All Star Superman series has the space shuttle Columbia in his Fortress of Solitude. This ...
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How does All Star Superman fit into continuity?

I recently read All Star Superman and the storyline seems to have quite different results that aren't reflected in the normal Superman canon. Where does ASS fit - is it completely separate, is it a ...
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