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Normally an extended story with a moral. It parallels another situation, normally to explain a concept easily. For example, Plato's allegory of the cave.

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Was A Wrinkle in Time meant as an anti-communist allegory?

There was recently this question about the scene involving the children of the planet Camazotz* and their simultaneous ball bouncing in A Wrinkle in Time. It makes quite an iconic scene, apparently. ...
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Sci-fi trilogy with a female fighter pilot who falls in love with enemy commander with psi powers

About twenty years ago, maybe longer, I read a sci-fi trilogy. Can't remember much about it, but I remember enjoying it. It was a Christian allegory, I believe. At least I think that's the right word. ...
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Was the story of LOTR inspired by WWII? [duplicate]

I can see many events and persons in LOTR that can be linked to events and persons in the Second World War. For example: Saruman and his allies you can associate with Hitler and his allies. Saruman, ...
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In 1984, is the political ideology Death Worship (Obliteration of Self) related to eastern religions/philosophies?

At some point In 1984 by George Orwell, O'Brien gives a copy of Emmanuel Goldstein's book to the protagonist Winston. In the book the official political ideology of the Eastasian Government is called ...
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Did the date of Frodo's rescue out of the fire of Mordor have any particular meaning in The Lord of the Rings?

Did the date of Frodo's rescue out of the fire of Mordor have any particular meaning in The Lord of the Rings? We read in The Return of the King (Book 6 Chapter 4) that Gandalf states to Frodo and ...
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Are Terry Pratchett's dwarves an explicit allegory for Muslims?

I have tried to find other sources to back up my theory but none of their arguments seemed to be very well constructed There seem to be a lot of parallels between the two, namely some members of ...
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Identify allegorical short story of underground race emerging after WW2 as refugees

I'm looking for a short story, obviously an allegory for the postwar refugee problem, in which the effects of aerial bombing cause a previously unknown race of underground–dwelling humanoids to ...
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Is this Doctor Who story an allegory for the Middle East?

In the Doctor Who two-parter, The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood, a group of scientists working in Wales are drilling deep into the Earth. They reach 21km, deeper than anyone had drilled before, when ...
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