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For questions about "Alphas", a modern day TV series about a small covert US government organization consisting of people that have superhuman powers.

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Is there any information about how Alphas would have continued had it not been cancelled?

The TV show "Alphas" was cancelled before a third season could be created. However, the second season ends on a pretty big cliffhanger: Is there any information available on how the show would have ...
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On Alphas, does Gary process audio transmissions?

I'm rewatching the series, and have been trying to figure out how Gary processes audio signals, such as cell phone calls and the sound accompanying videos he finds on the net. For example, in "Bill ...
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Stanton Parish's Plan

In the series Alphas, Stanton Parish's endgame is the photostims across the US which kill normal ordinary people but increase the ability of the Alphas. My question is why does Stanton Parish only ...
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Why didn't the flashing lights affect Gary?

In the episode "God's Eye", Stanton Parish's devices go off in Grand Central Station. Everyone inside, alpha and normal alike, are knocked unconscious (or, presumably, killed in the case of most ...
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In Alphas how does Kat's memory forgetting thing work?

The downside of Kat's power is that she can't remember anything beyond 3 months (roughly). But how does her memory loss work, does she lose an hour, day or week at a time or do her memories just sort ...
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Why can't Nina push Gary?

In the TV show Alphas, Nina's alpha ability is to mentally push people to do whatever she asks of them. How come her ability doesn't work on Gary? Does it have to do with Gary's autism or alpha ...
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Are Warehouse 13 characters Pete Lattimer and Steve Jinks Alphas?

In the SyFy TV show Warehouse 13 characters Pete Lattimer and Steve Jinks both have supernatural-abilities that can't be explained by science, nor by the use of any artifact (the show's premise). ...
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