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Races (normally species) which lived long ago and (normally) no longer exist. Examples include the Iconicans in Star Trek.

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Do the Norse gods exist in Star Trek?

An episode of the original Star Trek, Who Mourns for Adonais, establishes that the Greek gods exist in the Star Trek universe. If the Greek gods exist, then that makes me wonder if the Norse gods do ...
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Could Daniel Jackson have safely used the Ancient's Repository of Knowledge?

It seems to have been implied that using the Repository of Knowledge could force someone to ascend, should their brain be unable to withstand the strain. However, since Daniel has ascend multiple ...
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1990's series - British children develop ESP, discover alien spaceship, refuse to use weapons, strong anti-violence message [duplicate]

I saw this TV series in English in the USA in the early 1990's, but many of the characters had British accents and I suspect the series was likely British in origin. I remember racing home as a child ...
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Sci-fi story: Two men discover ability to see/sense telepathic aliens/monsters on Earth by inserting metal into brain

What is the name of this book? The story starts with a worker who accidentally gets a pick-axe or metal spike lodged into his head and starts seeing or sensing strange things. A scientist/doctor ...
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Novel about an older race of amphibians discovered on Earth

This may have been a YA novel I read in paperback pre-80's. The protagonist was a kid who found a cavern and woke up a member of the race that was in some sort of stasis. They explore some of the ...
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Could the Ancient repository of knowledge have helped O'Neill to ascend?

We're told (if I recall correctly) that O'Neill's brain is more developed than most or all humans; we also know he has a natural Ancient gene in his DNA. That's presumably why he was able to somewhat ...
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Our civilization on Earth collapses; subsequent civilization discovers our technology [duplicate]

I'm looking for a science fiction book that is about the discovery of an ancient technological civilization on Earth in the far future . The discoverer's civilization is not highly technological, and ...
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Story or novel about humans being rare in the galaxy, and protagonist is searching for earth

I read this maybe 20 years ago(and it may be much older than that)... I don't recall if it was a short story, or a novel. Things I recall: The galaxy is largely populated by aliens. Humans are rare,...
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Book from the 70's: advanced civilisation bodies found in Antarctica, one tells their story

The book I'm looking for was set in either Antarctica or the North Pole. I really believe it was Antarctica. During a dig, 2 prehistoric, advanced civilization bodies were discovered. One of them ...
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Scfi/fantasy novel with archeology, ancient civilisation/aliens and possibly reincarnation themes?

I've been looking for this novel for years, I first read it in the late 1990s as a paperback. It was a mid-length novel, at least 200 pages. It was about an archaeologist who was excavating an ...
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Did they ever return for 'The Book'

In the Stargate SG-1, S1 episode The Torment of Tantalus, they gate to a planet which had an ancient meeting place of The Four Great Races. The races had there some compendium of knowledge, which ...
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