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An American author, Andre Norton's writing career spanned more than seventy years and produced 300+ novels. She was the first woman to receive the 'Gandalf Grand Master Award' from the World Science Fiction Society and won the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America's 'Grand Master Award' in 1983.

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2 votes
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Andre Norton books are read in what order?

Andre Norton book series should be read in what sequence? There are numerous series inside her published books and I need to know what order I should read them.
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Short story about astronauts that cut off their hand

As I remember correctly this story was written by Andre Norton, and be titled something like "Purple Hand." They cut one hand off, leaving one to drive the spaceship. I can't find anything ...
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5 votes
2 answers

In what order should I read Andre Norton's space novels?

I'm just finishing up rereading The Zero Stone and Uncharted Stars after forty years or so, and I've realized she wrote many more books in the same general setting -- I recall Zacathans, for instance, ...
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8 votes
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Andre Norton's story within Witch World series with Yareth the falconer as one of the characters novel identification

I am looking for a book's title of a novel by Andre Norton that one of the characters name was Yareth and his profession was falconry. I have read this book ages ago and now I cannot recall its title ...
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12 votes
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Andre Norton's "Witch World" reading order

Does any one know if there is a suggested order, other than chronological - by the published date, for reading Andre Norton's "Witch World" series?
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