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Questions tagged [animals]

Animals in science fiction and fantasy works have vital roles in many plots, including protagonists, antagonists, plot motivators and wise mentors.

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Aliens try to liberate "enslaved" dogs from humans

I saw this story in an anthology in a used bookstore in 2009. When the aliens came, we negotiated a peace treaty with them. Everything was going fine until they said "oh, and you'll have to stop ...
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Short story where humanity transcends to a higher plane of existence and dogs become the dominant intelligent species on Earth

I'm looking for a short story I saw on Reddit once, but apparently didn't save or bookmark. It's about how, in the far future, humanity finally achieves some technological singularity and "transcends" ...
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Story with dome-cities and the last horse being lost in transport accident

I read some of a story in high school in Quebec, probably a bit more than 10 years ago (before 2008). I think I might have read it as part of a reading test at school. It was probably in French (might ...
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Inventor of FTL drive is granted ownership of an Earthlike planet. Native species prevents destruction of life

I am looking for a Sci Fi book I read many years ago. The synopsis is as follows: A guy discovered FTL drive or something and would share the secret under one condition. He was to be granted ...
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Creature that can choose all options in its timeline

I am trying to find a very short story that I read when I was a kid in the 80s, and it is most probably decades older. It was only a paragraph or two long, and it just described an animal or creature (...
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Short Story: Humans battle against hyper-intelligent dogs for dominance

Am looking for the title of a short story I read in one of the popular science fiction periodicals. It was published sometime between 1995-2005, mostly likely in 1996-1999. In the near future dogs ...
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Short comic book story about pets remaining after a human apocalypse occurs

A friend of mine is trying to find an old Hungarian story, here’s how they describe it: “I remember a few characters, three of the main characters were; A white cat with a purple bow/collar, female A ...
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LF an Analog SFF short story, Future medic/vet comes back to contemporary America and offers medical help to a disabled woman's father

Looking for this for a blind friend of mine who's a bit cat-obsessed. He remembers listening to these on the national library service for the blind version of Analog some time in the 80s or 90s. I've ...
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Boy who develops animal characteristics, government wants to use him

This book was about a boy at high school who started to develop animal characteristics and abilities. I remember particular scenes from this book, like the boy in science class catches a fly as if he ...
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Identify this short story based on Kafka's Metamorphosis

In probably the early 70s* I read a short story, probably intended for teenage readers, that may have been based on or at least similar to Kafka's Metamorphosis (Die Verwandlung). The one impression ...
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Children's fantasy book with black and gold "urchins" (hedgehogs)

I remember a fantasy book in which one of the elements was magic hedgehogs, only they called them “urchins.” There were ones with gold spines and ones with black spines, and the black ones' spines ...
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Novel about intelligent animals in an interplanetary war

This novel is a pre-1985 sci-fi novel that involves an interplanetary war and a group of intelligent animals (including one possibly named Lucy). The most intelligent animal is a whale. At some point ...
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Manga where a girl and a bat vampire fall in love

I'm looking for a manga where there is a human girl who is taking care of animals in a club at her school. She meets a guy who is a bat and then transforms into a vampire. He can fly. Eventually, the ...
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Graphical novel/comic book about a society of diesel punk animals

I'm looking for a book I remember from when I was a kid (20-25 years ago in Australia), I think it was about a dieselpunk society of animals. At least I think it was dieselpunk, as I remember that ...
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Help in identifying a story about a man who controlled wolves by wearing a wolf skin

I remember reading a story about a man who manages to control pack of wolves by wearing the alpha wolf skin as a cloak. It also had a woman or child who would be kept safe in a cave whenever the pack ...
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Old animated film about an evil villain swapping traits between animals using a weird machines with 2 crystal capsules

I saw this movie many years ago, all I can remember is that it was an animated movie featuring anthropomorphic animals, they were in some sort of journey to an island while riding on a boat and ...
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Manga with artifacts/magical items that transform body parts into animals parts -> arm into dog head

I remember reading the first tome, and it's a story with artefacts or magic objects that give powers and I remember one gave arm expansion or strength, it was an arm brace or something. I also ...
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Searching for a book with a human survivor vs wolves/animals

I'm searching for a book with a post-apocalyptic setting and a lone-human survivor conflict with wolves (primarily) and other semi/sentient animals. It starts out that the reader thinks the wolves/...
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A book where animals are named after instruments

I was listening to one of the sci-fi radio links on either Live365 or George Norrie or BOA... It is written by a religious (Catholic or Christian) teacher (make). It is a sci-fi book where animals are ...
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