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Questions tagged [annihilation]

Annihilation is a 2014 science fiction novel by Jeff VanderMeer, the first of three books known as the Southern Reach Trilogy. A group of scientists make a journey to the forbidding and mysterious "Area X" to discovers its secrets.

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6 votes
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Is the "bear monster" in Annihilation film a deliberate reference to alzabo from The Book of the New Sun?

It might be coincidental, but to me the bear-like speaking creature encountered by characters in the Annihilation film adaptation seems so similar to alzabo that it's probably a deliberate reference. ...
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Is there significance to the all-female main characters in Annihilation?

Having watched Annihilation (2018), the film adaptation by Alex Garland, I found it curious to see an all-female lead cast (barring Oscar Isaac who plays Kane). After discovering it was based on a ...
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6 votes
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In Annihilation, why is it important to keep Lena's husband's past a secret?

In Annihilation (the movie) 5 women go on a dangerous expedition. Lena's husband went on a similar previous expedition. We are told 3 of the women don't know that Lena's husband went on a previous ...
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Is it ever explained what Area X actually is?

Is it ever explained what Area X actually is? I don't need to know details as I'm still reading it. But I'm into it enough that I'm feeling like the book/series is going to leave a lot of unanswered ...
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When and on whom do the infinity sign "tattoos" appear?

On Lena's left forearm there are some scenes where a black marking that looks like a tattoo of an infinity symbol (a sideways 8) is visible. In other scenes it's clearly absent (such as when Lena ...
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