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Questions tagged [aquaman-2018]

"Aquaman" is a 2018 superhero movie directed by James Wan, focused on the DC character of the same name. Use in conjunction with the [dc] and [dc-extended-universe] tags.

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6 votes
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Is this an inconsistency between Aquaman and Justice League?

In the Aquaman movie, Mera told Aquaman that he helped save the world from Steppenwolf. It means that main events of Aquaman happened after the events of Justice League. In Aquaman, we also learned ...
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12 votes
2 answers

How many languages does Aquaman speak?

According to the closed captioning for the DVD of Aquaman (2018), Aquaman himself (in addition to English), speaks some lines in Russian, Italian, and Maori, implying that he knows at least some of ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Why did Aquaman feel that Mera's plan was a little out of order?

In the Ring of Fire, Mera intervenes and gets Arthur out of there before Orm can strike a fatal blow. The two get away in her watercraft and are pursued by Orm's men: Aquaman: So, what's the plan? ...
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10 votes
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What are the Seven Kingdoms in Aquaman?

What are the Seven Kingdoms in the Aquaman film? These are the ones I caught in the film, but I think I missed the others. Atlantis: ruled by Orm (at beginning of the film) Xebel: ruled by King ...
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What is the Dutch Ministry of Defence thanked for in the end credits of Aquaman?

I spotted a "Dutch Ministry of Defence" line in the "thanks" section of Aquaman's end credits This surprised me, because I don't see in what way the Dutch Ministry of Defence could have participated ...
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