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For questions about Arda, the world or planet on which most of the events of Tolkien's Legendarium occur. Always use in conjunction with the [tolkiens-legendarium] tag.

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Why is there no evidence of any locations from Arda? [duplicate]

Tolkien said that he imagines the events of The Lord of the Rings to have happened about 6,000 years ago. Assuming this is the case, what happened since then to make the land completely unrecognizable?...
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Was a non-Ardan ever born or created in Arda?

Was a being with a nature like that of those who came to Arda from outside of Arda ever born in Arda? I would accept also hatching, asexual reproduction, or any other form of reproduction. Creation, ...
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How does succession work in the various kingdoms of Arda?

What are the differing laws of succession for the various kingdoms of Arda? How do they differ from each other?
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Why is it called Middle-earth?

The planet is called Arda. So why do they call it "Middle-earth" if there is no planet called Earth to have a middle of?
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Are there any other planets besides Arda in Ea?

Did Tolkien mention anything about other planets in his mythology or did he invent just the one planet for his stories?
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What defines an age in Middle Earth?

Looking at the various pages for the first, second, third and fourth ages, we see they are of varying length. I am wondering what is the definition of 'an age' in Middle Earth and how it is decided ...
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When Eru reshaped Arda, did he also change the cosmos?

According to The Silmarillion, Arda (Earth) was originally flat; when Numenor tried to invade Aman, Eru Iluvatar reshaped the planet. He made Arda spherical, and set Aman apart as a separate "planet" ...
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What's outside of Middle-earth? [duplicate]

I wonder who lives outside of Middle-earth and what is their life like? What are the names of the continents? Is there a big good map of Arda?
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If the world was flat, could one see great distances?

During the First age and before, Arda was flat. I'm not certain how flat it was, but wouldn't this imply that one could see great distances, as far as the nearest mountain that was higher than your ...
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Was Tolkien's "round-world version" really his definitive view of Arda?

I've heard many times that, in his final years, Tokien rejected the idea of a flat Arda, and embraced a new story in which the world was always round and the Sun and Moon existed from the beginning. ...
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How exactly is Arda supposed to be an ancient Earth?

As most Tolkien fans know, Arda (Tolkien's world) is supposed to be Earth in its past, and all its stories are supposed to have happened long ago on this very same planet. Of course, this is fiction, ...
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