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Questions tagged [ares]

For questions about the 2020 horror drama TV series "Ares".

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What was going on with the person in the glass box?

In the show Ares, we see an elderly person in a glass box who appears to be the one who really gives the orders in the titular organization. Said individual is present in a flashback in which someone ...
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Was this event in the opening montage related to similar events later on in the show?

In the opening montage of Dutch horror series Ares, an (unnamed?) young woman Later in the series, Jacob, one of the protagonists, finds a mysterious He is later shown to touch several members of ...
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Why was the hazing seen in the initial montage so much more playful than Rosa's?

The Dutch horror series Ares opens with a montage of an (unnamed?) young woman joining the secretive titular Ares student association. One of the scenes shows her going through a hazing ritual where ...
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