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For questions about the Arkham series, a franchise of video games, comics and an animated movie focused on the character of Batman. It started in 2009 with Arkham Asylum. Always use in conjunction with the [dc] tag.

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In "Batman: Arkham City" what is the choir chanting when Batman fights Ra's Al Ghul

In the video game "Batman: Arkham City" when right before Batman fights Ra's Al Ghul the theme plays, and the choir starts to chant, what are they chanting and what language is it in?
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On what grounds was Hugo Strange able to have Bruce Wayne arrested in Arkham City?

This always kind of confused me, as i don't recall a reason being given for what Bruce was locked up for in Batman: Arkham City? The only thing shown is him trying to urge Gotham to have Arkham City ...
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Batman Arkham-verse timeline from the timeline site

Since the timeline site is pending or for renewal, it's kinda hard for me to know the timeline for this game, even the comics helped out. Can someone help me by telling me the chronological order with ...
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Why does the Batman "crack his knuckles" in "Batman: Arkham Origins"?

Wouldn't cracking his knuckles be futile through his thick glove armor and in what way, if at all, would it help Batman in delivering a beatdown? I believe it would hinder his grappling efficiency and ...
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Is there a Batcave under Arkham Asylum in any version of the comic?

In the videogame Arkham Asylum, the Joker get captured by Batman and sent into Arkham Asylum. But this is all a trap, as the Joker planned to take over Arkham Asylum and use its infamous inmates to ...
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Is Joker’s 'bat monster' an invention of the Arkham video games?

In the Arkham series of video games, you occasionally get a view of Batman from the Joker's perspective, and you see a gargoyle-like bat monster. I'm curious as to whether this (specifically the ...
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Is Harley Quinn physically enhanced in the Arkham games?

In the cartoon, and I believe also in the comics, Harley's received a power-up from Poison Ivy making her stronger and tougher than the average human being, and immune to poisons. Is there any ...
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In Batman: Arkham Knight, why do these two characters use the same tank?

In Batman: Arkham Knight, when you first fight the Arkham Knight he is in the Cloudburst tank, but when you fight Deathstroke it is the same as the Cloudburst fight is. Where would Deathstroke get ...
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How does Batman glide in the Arkham video game series?

How does Batman glide in the Arkham video game series? I'm really curious about how that works. Any answer goes.
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Where did Arkham Knight get his army?

In the last installment of the Arkham trilogy we find out that the mysterious mercenary leader with an army who calls himself Arkham Knight is no other than That would explain his training, abilities ...
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Batman: Arkham City (Video Game) - Why did Ra's al Ghul do what he did at the end? (Spoilers, obviously)

(Sorry about the title, trying to avoid spoilers.) So near the end of the Arkham City video game... My question is, what reason(s) did he have for doing that? If I remember correctly, he mentions ...
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In Batman: Arkham City, does Batman already know about the Lazarus Pit? (Spoilers)

After rescuing Mr. Freeze, Batman, Freeze, and Oracle agree that they need Ra's al Ghul's blood to cure the Titan virus. It seems from this conversation that Batman and Oracle know about the Lazarus ...
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What's this logo tattooed on the bottom of a thug's foot?

I noticed a logo tattooed on a Blackgate thug's foot in a Batman: Arkham Asylum (PC) predator challenge. Does it signify some organization in the DC universe, or is it something else entirely? I was ...
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Is it possible to fly like Batman in Arkham City? [closed]

In the game you can glide, then go into a dive, and then glide again. Using this technique you can travel long distances. Is that possible in real life?
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Is Batman: Arkham City set before or after the birth of Damian Wayne?

In the video-game Batman: Arkham City, Talia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne's conversations make no mention of their son. Is the game set before, after or on an entirely separate timeline to Damian's birth?
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