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Why the 10-minute military alert/signal tone in the movie Arrival?

I am currently watching Arrival. I noticed that the base near the visitors have a 10-minute signal tone. A kind of alert sound. Why is that? Does the tone force the personnel to keep concentrated/...
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Did the aliens cause the rare and incurable disease?

In the 2016 American science fiction drama film Arrival, aside from what seems to be a type of cancer in Hannah, we also can see how she limps and at some point, she asks her mom Louise to help her ...
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Possible time paradox in Arrival [duplicate]

I have just watched Arrival, and there is a scene that has confused me a little bit. How can this be explained? Is it a paradox, or is it all right?
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In the movie Arrival, were the visitors "playing dumb"?

It appears a clever trick the visitors were using...
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Why Did Louise's Husband Leave Her?

After Louise has her solo experience with the Heptapod "Abbott," She tells Ian she knows why her husband left her. What did I miss?
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In Arrival, why does Louise share this information about her daughter?

In a "flashback" that Louise has, we learn that Why would she tell him that, given that
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Why don't the heptapods know English? [duplicate]

The heptapods should have a good working knowledge of English given that they're Was there another reason for them not knowing/using English? Were they forcing humans to learn their language as a ...
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What does this particular logogram from "Arrival" mean?

Closely related to this question, but I couldn't find the answer to my particular question there. I am interested in meaning of the following logogram which has appeared in the movie "Arrival": In ...
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What disease was referenced in Arrival?

Louise sees her future self telling her daughter that she knows something about a forthcoming 'unstoppable' disease and Louise's husband (the child's father) left her when she revealed this to him. ...
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In Arrival, why wasn't this event avoided?

In the film Arrival, there is a scene where However, since we find out later that couldn't this event have been avoided? As far as I can tell, no one other than Louise ever learned the extent of ...
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Do Heptapods have a life expectancy of more than 3000 years?

Louise's mind's perception of time is altered and she can see into her own past/future, but she is not immortal (as per this Q&A) and can't see beyond her own death. The Heptapods state that ...
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Are there any tools or code for analyzing Arrival logograms?

I've read in several places that Mathematica was used in some of the analysis of the language used in Arrival. Do the logograms carry any actual meaning as a language, and if they do, are there any ...
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Was General Shang also affected?

In Arrival, we see the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis taken to a whole another level, allowing Louise Banks to experience into the future and solve the communication problem as well as prevent a global war. ...
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What is the location of Dr. Louise Banks's house?

What is the real-world location of the house used as Dr. Louise Banks's home in the movie?
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Why doesn't Louise remember this conversation?

Near the end of Arrival, the main character Louise is shown in a flash-forward But she seems surprised, and doesn't appear to remember doing it at first. Why not? Surely at that point she would have ...
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What is the linguistic challenge Louise uses in the beginning of "Arrival"?

What I remember is, in the beginning of the movie, Louise gives the military guy a linguistic challenge to give to the translator he is going to see next, after the military guy says he will give the ...
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In Arrival (2016) — how come she has "visions" early in the film?

In the third act of the movie we find out that... We know that she can do this because.. But how is it that she has "flashbacks" early on in the movie, before she learns the language? Please provide ...
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Lack of translation in Arrival

The film Arrival is concerned heavily with language and translation, but as far as I can remember two things are not translated for the audience. The first one is the circle symbol traced by the main ...
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Does learning the Heptapod language remove the ability to exercise free will?

We learn in Arrival that there is a sort of magical (for lack of a better word) writing system that, when learned fully, allows you to perceive time in all directions, as a whole. The more Louise ...
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