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The class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria; works of art collectively, as paintings, sculptures, or drawings: a museum of art; an art collection.

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Where's this Japanese-student-looking winged girl from?

Google Images is no help, while Tineye reveals that this image of a non-human girl with dragon wings, blue skin, red eyes, horns and a tail, wearing what looks like a Japanese school uniform, given ...
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Is anything known about science fiction illustrator Martin Key?

Martin Key is listed as the illustrator in the debut issue of If magazine, March 1952. The cover illustration is this: Wikipedia has nothing. Amazon has nothing (not surprising, maybe 1 in 20 of the ...
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SF artwork identification - painting of woman looking through a playing card

I remember this painting, I think from the eighties, of a woman looking out through a cut out giant playing card. The card was a queen, of course, and her face lined up with the cut out portion of the ...
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Fantasy art book from 1980s

I'm trying to find a fantasy art book from the 1980s just for nostalgia to see if it's as strange as I remember. It was a smallish hardback book that just contained illustrations. The subject was ...
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Where does this sailor beside Bender come from?

In school we were interpreting a painting from Slovak artist Erik Šille called Wave (Vlna). He used a lot of pop-culture references, but we didn't recognize this little sailor. Is he from a cartoon or ...
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Trying to find a firework or Roman candle with a guild steersman on it

Of late, I have decided to start asking here all the various science fiction and fantasy questions that have puzzled me over the years. Today, I have a fireworks identification question. I know this ...
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Is there any explanation of what the one- and two-headed monster statues at the entrances to Kraid's and Ridley's hideouts represent?

In the Metroid games taking place on Zebes, the entrances to the "hideouts" of the minibosses Kraid and Ridley are often decorated with monstrous heads—a single-headed, blue monster at Kraid'...
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Looking for Westernized military sci-fi cover art of future woman tank commander and tank battle from 90s or early 00s

I’m searching for what I’m certain originated as cover art from a sci-fi gaming magazine which I once collected from basic internet image search for “future woman soldier” or “sci-fi woman soldier” or ...
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Fred Kirberger's art for F&SF serialization of Heinlein's The Star Beast (Star Lummox)

Heinlein's juvenile novel The Star Beast originally appeared in serialized form in F&SF as Star Lummox. F&SF included art by Fred Kirberger. There are a couple of strange things about the art....
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Short scifi story about a painter with artificial eyes

The details are hazy, but as far as I can remember there is an artist that was either blind or had poor eyesight and underwent surgery and after receiving artifical eyes could create paintings that ...
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Is anything known about the credits artwork from The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad?

The opening credits of The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (a Harryhausen monster classic) features the camera panning across an artwork that shows scenes from the film. It ...
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Are there any identifiable characters from works of SF to be found on the cover of Iron Maiden's "Stranger in a Strange Land"?

The cover of Iron Maiden's single "Stranger in a Strange Land", features their mascot, Eddie, in a futuristic bar. According to Wikipedia (although uncharacteristically unsourced), Eddie's ...
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Instagram comic about a boy whose brother disappears then reappears with a shadow monster inside him

Some years ago I followed an artist on instagram that had drew a comic about a boy whose young brother "disappears" while playing hide and seek in a forest. He then reappears but has a kind ...
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Why do Star Trek Vulcans have art and music?

Vulcans adhere to foundations of logic. Music and art seem like emotionally driven creations.
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