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For questions about the legend King Arthur and other characters from the stories in which he features. Only use when asking about Arthurian legend in science fictional and/or fantastical works; if asking about the legend itself see

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Sci-fi short story about kids living in the slums of a futuristic world

Looking for a short story that was in an anthology I read in the early 2000s. Set in a futuristic world and told from POV of a girl who lives in the slums with a bunch of other kids. The main leader ...
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Short fantasy with Merlin and Arthur's granddaughter in modern times

This is a short story from Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine in the 1980s, I think. Merlin finds Arthur's daughter in a modern American city, for purposes I don't remember. The key thing I remember is ...
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What's this Arthurian movie with a ridiculous armored sex scene?

Trying to identify a movie, mostly by a scene I remember: The scene takes place early in the movie, after a battle which goes badly somehow. Possibly somebody dies? Or the good guys lose the battle ...
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Arthurian legend style story with future knowledge of science and chemistry

I recall a YA book that I read in the late '70s (in the UK) and was probably written roughly around that time, that was "Arthurian" in style. I'm not sure that this was directly specified, ...
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Arthurian novel with sci-fi tropes

I am looking for a book which was a variation of Arthurian legends. I have read it in Polish around 10 years ago, but I'm quite sure book was translated (probably from English). The story was set up ...
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Was "King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table" released in English on DVD?

This show "King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table" ("Entaku no Kishi Monogatari Moero Āsā"), was one of my favourties as a kid back in the 80s. Does anyone know if it was ...
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Camelot/Arthurian paperback fantasy/romance about a failed attempt to find the Grail

In 1997 I read a paperback adventure romance where a Knight of the Round Table, or an aspiring one maybe, fails in his quest to find the Grail because he is waylaid and bewitched by probably Morgan/...
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Looking for a book series about every single fantasy trope ever

A group of people from Arthurian times, including king Arthur himself find themselves in another world/land and they must rebuild a city after a war (??) has ravaged the lands? (Yay portals) Then ...
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Stories about Lancelot and Galahad, which I heard on a record

When I was a kid (probably in the early 1980s), I borrowed a pair of LPs from the local public library, each of which told the story of one of the mightiest knights of the Round Table: first Lancelot ...
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Story about an Arthurian knight who forces himself to volunteer for everything

I'm looking for a fantasy story about a Knight of the Round Table with Impostor Syndrome (they don't call it that). He's scared of being found-out, so he volunteers to do every quest, fight every ...
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Fantasy story, probably by Esther Friesner, about Arthurian characters talking like Valley girls

I think I read this somewhere in the interval of 1993-2004, and I think it was in an issue of an SF/Fantasy magazine which was new on the stands at the time. As opposed to being a back issue from the ...
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Sci-fi book series with modern Arthurian legends with Excalibur as a spaceship

I think this was actually a series of books following the human survivors of an alien invasion of Earth. Set a little into the future though I don't think it's by much. Strangely the aliens have ships ...
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Sword in the Stone story where the sword was held in place by electromagnets

So some years ago I read a story that included a "sword in the stone" bit and it was explained that the sword was held in place by electromagnets that could be released when "the one" tried to pull ...
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Animated TV show about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

I'm looking for an animated TV show based on King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. It came out some time in the 80s or early 90s. It centres around the Table and the Knights. All the Knights ...
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YA where family returns to Arthurian times, oblivious mother keeps asking for cream tea

Helping out on a Twitter request, original here. YA book. A family visiting a historic castle while on a trip gets separated and falls through time into King Arthur times. The mom doesn't realize ...
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A British girl wakes in pre-Arthurian world as future mother of Arthur

She wakes up in the wintertime and travels through the mythical world accompanied by season-of-year related animals: wolf, then black panther. Story features at least two Celtic demi-gods and their ...
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Who killed the Famous Historian?

At the end of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Earlier in the film, we see Frank murdered by an unknown knight dressed similarly to the Knights of the Round Table. However, the knight who kills him ...
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Looking for a particular illustrated book of Arthurian Tales

There is a book of Arthurian Tales done in large slim paperback, maybe 60 odd A4 pages in all with greyscale pencil illustrations, aimed at a late primary early secondary school audience. It's what I ...
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Does Ambrosius Aurelianus appear in Malory's version of King Arthur?

Ambrosius Aurelianus was a 5th century historical figure who defended Britain from Anglo-Saxon invaders. He plays a prominent role in the legends of King Arthur. He's often considered the elder ...
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What adaptation of King Arthur had a femme fatale that turned into a spider?

I loosely recall seeing an adaption of Arthurian myth that depicted a femme fatale that turned into a spider. IIRC, she tried and failed to seduce and kill one of the knights and was transformed into ...
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Do earlier books in the Witcher series already reference the Arthurian legend?

The last novel in Andrei Sapkowski's Witcher saga, The Lady of the Lake, draws heavily from the Arthurian legend, from its obvious title, to the naming of characters like Nimue and the Fisher King, ...
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Arthurian tale featuring enemy who is strengthened by the earth

I vaguely remember a tale of one of King Arthur's knights fighting an opponent who is magically strengthened by being in contact with the ground. I think the protagonist defeats him by bodily lifting ...
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Why did Merlin's "voicemail" tell the heroes they need Nimue to defeat the Dark One?

In the Once Upon a Time episode The Bear and the Bow, our heroes use the magic mushroom to summon Merlin. But instead of Merlin, they get Merlin's "voicemail," that tells our heroes that the ...
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After this character's death, why does Merlin not return to Camelot?

In the show finale, after death, why does Merlin not return to Camelot? Why does he instead choose to hang out in the same area for the next 400 or so years??
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Where did King Arthur get his sword, Excalibur?

There are two different stories of how King Arthur received his sword, Excalibur. The first is that he pulled it out of an anvil or stone slab (and by doing so confirmed that he was the rightful king ...
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YA Fantasy with Celtic Theme

Read this in the early 90s but was probably from the 70s or 80s. The setting was Celtic or Arthurian. It involved transportation between the real world and the magical word. The characters were ...
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How did Taliesin come to be wrapped in a skin in icy waters?

Stephen R Lawhead's Arthurian legend fantasy series, The Pendragon Cycle, starts with Taliesin which follows events from before Merlin or Arthur. The unlucky Elphin finds a baby wrapped in skins under ...
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