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Use this tag to refer to mechanisms used in science-fiction works altering or creating gravity. Can be used in conjunction with the [gravity] tag.

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Looking to identify a children's novel in which stowaways eventually crash on the moon

I'm trying to remember the title/author of a juvie SF novel from the mid-late 50s. There are two kids who sneak out every chance they get to watch rocket launches. These are multi-staged things with ...
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Why change the artificial gravity orientation on the Death Star's different sections?

From How does the Death Star gravity work? we learn that: Gravity within the battle station was handled by omni-directional gravity boosters built into the decks, walls and ceilings. These gravity ...
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Why can characters walk/run on space ships in Gundam?

I was watching Zeta and realized that characters seem to walk or even run around fine for the most part, but then when they need to move quickly or ascend, they simply jump and float to where they ...
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