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Questions tagged [ascension]

"Ascension" is a 2014 three-part SyFy miniseries, set in an alternate present, following the exploits of a fictional generational starship headed towards Proxima Centauri, as well as the drama that unfolds concurrently on planet Earth.

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10 votes
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Wouldn't the Ascension have reached a Rubicon point before ~51 years into the journey?

In the SyFy mini-series Ascension, as one of the plot points reference is made to the Ascension space ship reaching a "Rubicon Point" at which it will take more resources to return to Earth as opposed ...
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Why doesn't The Ascension have color TV's?

Color TV was introduced to the US in 1953 (according to Wikipedia). But throughout the series all we can see are black and white TV's. Is there an explanation (in universe or out) to why the state-of-...
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8 votes
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How would the secret organization running the show have handled the colonists at the end of the flight?

In the Ascension (2014) TV miniseries, there were these colonists on board a generation ship that was run by some secret organization. What would have happened to the colonists at the end of the ...
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Christa's foreboding on Ascension makes no sense?

I was just thinking about Ascension again and realized that there appears to be a rather bad plot hole. Perhaps I don't understand the context though? Early in series, Christa is on the observation ...
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How does artificial gravity on the Ascension work?

Within the generation ship Ascension, there appears to be normal Earth-like gravity. Yes, I know about the twist from the end of episode 1x02, Nonetheless, there must be some explanation from the ...
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Is there a vacuum outside?

As per the revelation at the end of episode 1x02 Now, I'm wondering whether the immediate surrounding around the ship is a vacuum. In the scene the leads up to the aforementioned revelation has ...
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