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Astronaut, which is derived from words meaning "star sailor," can be used to describe anyone who travels beyond the atmosphere of a planet, but it is usually attached to individuals (or those in small groups) who travel into a local orbit around their homeworld or beyond.

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Watching "Gravity" reminded me of a short story I read in the 60s, but can't place now

I thought it was by Heinlein or Brown, but if it was I can't locate it online. The plot was aboard a spaceship, or maybe a space station, when an accident sends the astronauts spinning out of ...
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'80s sci-fi novel about about an astronaut returning to Earth to find it devoid of human life

I read this as hardcover from the library back in the 80's. The story involves an astronaut who returns to Earth from a long mission (50 years, 100?) and discovers everyone is missing. The only ...
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Short story about an astronaut that has to harvest/collect the body fluids of an alien for a panacea

Short story read in the 60's or 70's, an astronaut has to enter an alien ship and collect the tears/sweat? of an alien to use as a wonder drug for humans. The alien has some sort of presence which ...
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Why aren't the humans wearing environmental suits in Star Wars spacecraft?

When NASA sends astronauts to space, they have to wear uncomfortable suits. Why aren't the humans in Star Wars spacecraft doing the same thing? What technology do they have on board that remove this ...
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Astronaut is freed from mind parasite when he leaves Earth's gravity well

In the late 90s I read a short story (probably written much earlier) in which an astronaut on a mission to Mars is surprised to discover that he has spent his whole life with an invisible and ...
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Trying to find name of a short story about astronauts missing the second coming of Jesus on earth

I remember reading about this short story where a group of astronauts are travelling close to the speed of light to a nearby star. When they return to Earth several years later after completing their ...
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Short story where astronauts find a star to be the source of "evolution"

A group of astronauts is set to explore a distant and interesting star. They do a few experiments, one of which is to expose some guinea pigs (or other kind of rodents) to the star's light. The crew ...
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With all of love

I'm looking for a short story I read 20 years ago about a lone astronaut traveling to the edge of our solar system and back. At the edge of the system he felt waves of love and telepathically ...
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Short story (+radio play?) in which astronauts outside their ship slowly drift apart in space

Looking for a short story in which the crew of a spaceship for some reason find themselves outside the ship, drifting apart in outer space. They can communicate via their radios but are individually ...
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Author and Title of a SF story from 60s, most probably read it in Fantasy and Science Fiction, possibly Analog or If

3 male astronaut-explorers land on a new planet about a mile away from an obviously artificial construct, a massive cube. Each starts setting up his equipment for the surveys they need to make. The ...
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