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For questions about the fictitious in-universe astronomy found in works of speculative fiction. Questions purely concerning real-world astronomy are off-topic but can be asked on Astronomy.SE (

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What was the literary origin of the idea that in the far future the moon would get closer to the Earth?

Something that comes up a lot in science fiction novels that take place on Earth in the distant future is the idea that the moon will get closer to the Earth (sometimes close enough to share a common ...
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Did J.K. Rowling ever explain how Harry Potter could see Orion during the O.W.L. Examination?

How was Harry able to see the constellation, Orion, in the middle of summer in the far northern hemisphere? Did they use magic?
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Why don't we see the Milky Way out the windows in Star Trek?

Given that the Star Trek franchise takes places within the Milky Way, and in particular near the galactic plane, I would expect that the view out the windows would show the Milky Way similar to the ...
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How long is a "rotation" on Mars?

I'm reading the novel Mechanicum in the Warhammer 40k universe. A group of engineers need to solve a complex problem in "seven rotations". Is there a clear indication how long a rotation is? ...
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Astronomy in Witcher: how long is a year and a synodic month?

In the world of Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher books, how many days long is a year? How many days long is a synodic month (the average time between two full moons)? I used to assume that the stories ...
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What Is the Dying Sun of Thra? [closed]

Here are the "three suns" that the planet Thra orbits in the mythology of The Dark Crystal: They are all named, according to the Dark Crystal Wiki, the Greater, Rose and Dying suns. From this ...
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Book where the stars go black due to aliens stopping human observation collapsing quantum possibilities [duplicate]

In this book the stars went black and the people on Earth took a while to figure out why. The solar system had been surrounded with a 'sheet' to stop human observation. It turns out human observation ...
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Do eclipses have an effect on the efficacy of potions?

In Harry Potter, when you cook a potion during an eclipse, either lunar or solar, would that affect the strength of a potion like in the Switch game, Breath of the Wild, when a blood moon approaches ...
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When did practical Astronomy lessons take place at Hogwarts and what were they like?

While we get plenty of insight into all other subjects Harry took, the professors and what their lessons are like throughout the books, we do not see any Astronomy lessons happening, nor are the ...
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Does Tatooine orbit two stars or just one, with a second more distant star?

Tatooine has two suns in the sky, this much is very clear. Of the planets discovered in our galaxy that have two suns in their skies, there are two possible arrangements of the stars and planet: A "...
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Why couldn't the crew of the Phoenix use known pulsars to determine their position?

In C J Cherryh's novel Visitor (17th novel in the Foreigner series), it's revealed that: In real life, we made a point of engraving the solar system relative vectors of known pulsars on the Pioneer ...
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1980s series of books about Ice and Fire?

In the 80s, I read a pair (possible trilogy) of books about Ice and Fire and a planet with a very slow orbit. The orbit may have been highly elliptical around twin suns — but I'm not sure about ...
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Which planet resembles Hoth? [closed]

Which planet or moons in our solar system resembles the Hoth planet from Star Wars?
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Astronomer experiments with irradiating mushrooms to preserve them and creates very deadly plague

I read this short story at least 30 years ago. I believe it was in a book of short stories. I'm not sure if the other stories were by the same author. It was about an astronomer trying to create a ...
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Story Identification : An astronomer, superconduction in the human brain, tricyclics, electron spin resonance and SETI

Looking for the title and author of a short story that appeared in one of Analog's sister magazines, featuring an astronomer, Electron Spin Resonance, tricyclics, neural superconduction and SETI. The ...
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20 votes
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What's the point of studying Astronomy at Hogwarts?

They had to study the night skies through their telescopes every Wednesday at midnight and learn the names of different stars and the movements of the planets. (describing Astronomy class in HP and ...
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What was the first SciFi work that referred to Pluto as NOT a planet?

In 2006, IAU changed its rules on what constitutes a planet. The most famous downstream impact of the new rules was that Pluto is now classified as Dwarf Planet (Plutoid) among Trans-Neptunial objects;...
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What planets or moons in the Solar system are Class M?

A friend of mine has listed as her twitter location that she lives on a Class M planet. Not everyone tweets from Earth, but I assume she tweets from within the Solar System. Which planets or moons ...
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Book series with an astronomer exploring a golden egg shaped spaceship in Earth orbit [duplicate]

So when I was younger I got a series of books involving an astronomer with Kung fu abilities who discovers a rogue object orbiting Jupiter. Next, he and his team figure out that it has left Jupiter's ...
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Did wizards know more about the Milky Way galaxy than Muggles?

In Harry Potter's third year, Harry had to restrain himself from buying a perfect moving model of the Milky Way galaxy. Perfect model implies that wizards know everything that is in the galaxy and ...
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