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Atlantis is a fictional continent between Europe and America.

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Trying to identify book I read as a child. With hindsight, possibly politically incorrect

I am trying to find the name of a book I read as a child and thought people here might know. I asked this question here before some years ago, but some more details have occurred to me so I thought I ...
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Looking for a book about Atlantis, time travelling from present day with children and an evil sorceress/witch

I read this book about 20 odd years ago as a 14 year old. The novel was about two or three children/siblings who move into a big fancy house with their father who I believe is in the art world. He ...
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Book about a pair of apes dying, spaceship gives them a shot with medicine and they thrive to become humans

I remember something about Atlantis in the title. The book describes a spaceship going from planet to planet to check on them. They visit a planet where there is a pair of apes dying. These apes are ...
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Estimated population of Atlantis in Marvel Comics

While acquainting myself with the war between Atlantis and Wakanda, I found myself wondering what the population of Atlantis is. Any and every scan relevant to the discussion irrespective of the time ...
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Spanish-language (translated?) comic containing multiple short stories (Atlantis, time-travel, space colonisation...)

This comic would probably be from the 70s and belonged to my father, but unfortunately got lost when moving house. It was in Spanish, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was translated from a different ...
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Name of Book, Atlantean girl next door? [duplicate]

I am trying to find the name of a book I read as a child and thought people here might know. Plot - The plot is basically that the girl who lives next door to the protagonist is weird and can 'float ...
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Have we ever seen an Atlantean sneeze underwater?

The thought process behind this question is very simple, and a little bit silly: I was writing an answer about how Atlanteans communicate underwater; I sneezed; I realized I did not remember ever ...
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In DC Comics, are the Atlanteans of Greek descent?

I recall this being the case, but I can't find evidence for it when looking recently. This still being the case could be supported by: Having Greek culture and language, architecture, etc Atlantis ...
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How do Atlanteans communicate underwater?

We have seen Atlanteans in both Marvel comics and DC. Beings who can live and breathe under water as well as on land, their physiology has been shown to be very different from humans. Sticking my ...
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What P. T. Barnum quote was Rourke referring to?

Towards the end of Atlantis: The Lost Empire, the crew stand up against Rourke. Rourke sighs and says "P. T. Barnum was right," in disgust, then drives away. What quote was being referenced here? ...
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YA book about teen Atlantian in Egypt

The plot is (I believe) that a boy is on vacation with his parents in Egypt. The book is set around the time of the flooding of the Aswan Dam. The boy meets this other kid (while scuba diving?) and ...
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Story-Identification: Two men discussing the fate of Atlantis in a café on the Mediterranean sea

A short story, post-1960. Two men are sitting in a café on Africa's northern coast, looking out over the Mediterranean Sea. They are discussing a theory about the fate of Atlantis. The theory is ...
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Trilogy about a girl who walks on water

I'm trying to identify a trilogy of (I think YA) novels. The main character was able to walk on water. A different boy also was. I think that the series might have been named after it's word for these ...
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90s/00s Trilogy. Young girl travels to other world that becomes Atlantis

In the first book, the protagonist is a young girl who travels between our world and a different one (possibly through a wooden gate in the barn next door that she finds the key to in an old coat?). ...
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Why did Sprite get Acheron drunk?

I recently reread the Dark Hunter book about their leader named Acheron. In this book you learn that he cannot get drunk from beer because he is an Atlantean God. So why was it that towards the end of ...
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