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For questions about Samuel R. Delany's award-winning 1967 novel "Babel-17" about an artificial language that can reprogram its users.

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Are there reliable sources for the influence of Babel-17 on other SF using strong Sapir–Whorf?

In the novel Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany, the "Invaders" construct an artificial language which renders anyone who learns it into an almost robotic ally of the Invaders. This is obviously ...
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Are the Poems of Rydra Wong in Babel-17 based on the real works of Marilyn Hacker?

In the novel Babel-17 the protagonist Rydra Wong is both a space captain and a poet. I have seen it asserted that Wong's poems are to some extent based on those of Marilyn Hacker. Hacker was married ...
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