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For questions about the Franco-Belgian comics genre know as "bandes dessinées". Use on [story-identification] questions in conjunction with [comics] to narrow down the sub genre of comics.

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90s bande dessinée about a steampunk/dieselpunk vehicles race, featuring a vampire car

I'm trying to identify a French-language bande dessinée that I read in the 90s (maybe early 2000s). It was printed in the classic A4 paper format, with a cardboard hardcover. The story was set in an ...
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Violent sci-fi comic 90s/00s (might be French) with warrior types on a desert planet

I'm looking for a comic which I read at the end of the 1990s, maybe early 2000s. It was a rather recent comic back then. I grew up in Belgium, so not sure if it was in English or French (or translated ...
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Comic/Bande dessinée about a child who finds a spaceship as tiny as a toy, turns out to be dangerous

I'm looking for a French comic that I 'read' while in France about 25 years ago - I could not read much French at the time, which is why I only have very hazy ideas about the plot. Protagonist was a ...
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Was the treaded submarine from *Le Manitoba ne répond plus* fictional in Hergés' time?

In Le Manitoba ne répond plus, the third story in Hergé's series The Adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko, there is a submarine-like vehicle. It is pill-shaped, with glass portals and appears to be ...
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