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Questions tagged [batman-1966]

For questions about the live action TV show Batman that originally aired in 1966 and starred Adam West.

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In the Batman TV series, was there an "up" mode for the Bat Pole?

My memory insists I watched Batman and Robin step on a disk at the base of the pole, and some mechanism raises the disk upwards, accompanied by smoke or steam. But here it's obvious there's a cushion ...
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Who plays Chilblains in ‘Ice Spy’ and ‘The Duo Defy’ in the Adam West Batman TV show?

Who is the actor that plays Chilblains in the episodes Ice Spy and The Duo Defy from the Batman TV show from season 2 in 1967 when Eli Wallach played Mr. Freeze? IMDB says it is Al Waytt Sr, but I ...
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17 votes
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What was the Batman TV series (1960's) episode where he explains pyramid schemes? [closed]

When I was a child, I watched the 1960's Batman TV series every chance I got. One of the episodes came to mind this morning when I was trying to explain why the Secret Sisters gift exchange was a scam....
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38 votes
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Does Adam West-era Batman ever mention his parents?

With the camp and saccharine kid-friendliness of 60's Batman, I'm legitimately curious if they even had the ability to mention that a character was murdered, even if it's off-screen and decades before ...
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Batman (1966) episode where they're stuck in a room?

I'm trying to remember an episode from the 1960's Batman TV show that I saw when I was a kid. I'm not quite sure who the villain was in the episode but I'm pretty sure it had Batman and Robin. The ...
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3 votes
1 answer

1960's Batman and Superman?

Has there ever been a team-up of Batman from the 1960's tv series with a superman of the same period? I don't think it ever happened in the tv series, but say in a comic or cartoon, even if it's a ...
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Which actress accrued the most TV screen time as Catwoman?

In the TV series Batman, which actress had the most screentime as Catwoman, Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, or Lee Meriweather?
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How Long Was It "Stately Wayne Manor?"

I grew up watching the US TV version of Batman from the 1960s (as I know many here did). And it didn't take me long, later, to realize that series had nothing to do with the real Batman. In that ...
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