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Questions tagged [batman-returns]

Second theatrical movie of Batman (1992). Tim Burton continued as director and Michael Keaton as Batman. Batman will fight The Penguin (Danny De Vitto) and Catwoman (Michelle Pfeifer).

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18 votes
2 answers

How did Catwoman manage to pierce Batman's armor using a sewing claw?

In Batman Returns, Batman's suit was effectively bullet-proof armor (as in the first movie Batman from 1989). How could the ordinary sewing claw Catwoman stabbed Batman with pierce it? The penetration ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Was Max Shreck's name inspired by the actor?

According to Batman wiki, Max Shreck is an original character created for the film by Daniel Waters, one of the screenwriters on the film. The character of Max Shreck shares his name with the actor ...
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6 votes
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For what reason did Max Schreck want to build a capacitor in Batman Returns?

In Batman (1989) the Joker wanted to take over as Gotham City's crime boss of bosses, and then after he went insane, random murder was just "his thing" (being the world's first "Fully functional ...
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How did the Penguin know how to sabotage the batmobile in Batman Returns?

In Batman Returns, how does the Penguin and his Red Triangle Circus Gang manage to get not only the Batmobile's blueprints, but also find a way firstly to remove the Batmobile's protections (locks, ...
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