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For questions about the superhero and Justice League member from the DC comics franchise. Use with the [dc] tag and any relevant adaptation tag(s)

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How does Batman have time for the amount of research he does?

Batman (or Bruce Wayne) runs Wayne Industries and is a very active CEO going to meetings and press events. Assuming his day is as busy as any normal CEO, it's at least a full time job (<= 40-50 ...
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Can the Lazarus Pits be used to reliably bring people back from the dead?

In the animated movie "Batman: Under the Red Hood" Ra's Al Ghul uses a Lazarus Pit to bring someone back from the dead, however that person is permanently insane (or changed so significantly mentally ...
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5 answers

Where is Gotham City located?

Has there ever been a definitive location cited for Gotham City in the DC Universe United States? I remember hearing somewhere that it is close to New York (the DCU has a New York), but how close?
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In the New 52, did Barbara Gordon become Oracle?

In Batgirl #1, part of DC's New 52, Barbara Gordon was still shot by the Joker, just as she was in the former continuity. She lost use of her legs for 3 years, then miraculously regained use of them. ...
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What is the difference between Action Comics and Superman? And Detective Comics and Batman?

I just read the New 52 preview issue and I went through all of the preview pages for the new comics. What are the differences between Superman and Action Comics? Batman and Detective Comics? ...
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