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The Battle of Hoth was an invasion by Imperial forces at the beginning of Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back.

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What planets would I be able to see in the sky I were standing on the battlefield of Hoth?

As the title says, If I were standing in the spot where the battle of Hoth took place in The Empire Strikes Back and I looked upwards, what planets would I be able to see in the sky?
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What is the color of Luke Skywalker's Hoth attire? [closed]

I am just curious of the color of his outfit during the Battle of Hoth. I am referring to the moment when he is mounted on his tauntaun, and when his body was upside in wampa's lair.
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What was the combat role of the airspeeder's co-pilot?

According to what I can find online, the airspeeder's co-pilot operates the rear tow cable which is used for hauling cargo around and not intended for combat use. The Rebellion resorted to fighting ...
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Is it possible that x-wings, y-wings, a-wings, and TIEs fought in the Battle of Hoth?

The canon book Battlefront: Twilight Company reveals that the Empire used at least one clone turbo tank at the Battle of Hoth. This basically says that the events of the Battle of Hoth are not limited ...
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Why did the Snow speeders attack the AT-ATs from the front?

Having just watched Empire Strikes Back again with my sons, I noticed that Luke and his fellow speeder pilots are under heavy fire on every attack run. The thing is: The AT-ATs appear to only have ...
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Why is the shield generator on Hoth not underground?

The DSS-02 shield generator was a critical part of the defensive system of Hoth's rebel base. However, this shield generator was built outside, in the open: Why did the rebels built it outside? I ...
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Why is there a glimpse of an AT-ST in The Empire Strikes Back?

The question AT-ST at the Battle of Hoth in the original version of Episode V? makes it clear that the AT-ST, or "chicken walker", was indeed in the original release of The Empire Strikes Back. My ...
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Why didn't the AT-AT's stop walking?

In Star Wars Episode Five, during the Battle of Hoth, numerous AT-ATs' legs were tied up by snowspeeders. From what I understand, this was a new tactic that was invented on the spot by Luke Skywalker ...
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How many AT-AT walkers attacked Hoth?

I believe in the movie itself we are only able to see perhaps five onscreen at the same time, and I'm also pretty sure there is a point after two have been destroyed during the battle where we still ...
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AT-ST at the Battle of Hoth in the original version of Episode V?

Are there any AT-STs at the Battle of Hoth in the original version of The Empire Strikes Back? A friend of mine says there is an AT-ST in the Battle of Hoth in the movie, but after re-watching it I ...
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Why didn't the Empire send other forces in alongside the AT-ATs?

AT-ATs managed to get to the surface of Hoth - during the Battle of Hoth. Why didn't the Empire send other forces in alongside the AT-ATs? Two reasons to land the other troops: Pretty much all ...
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Why was it a mistake to come out of hyperspace close to Hoth?

From the script: Alarms sound throughout the hidden Rebel base. In the control room, a controller urgently gestures for General Rieekan to check a computer scan. CONTROLLER ...
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Could Vader really have crushed the Rebels on Hoth?

In the chat room, Gilles linked to a very interesting article about the military shortcomings of the Empire's strategic decisions when attacking the rebel base on Hoth. It points out (correctly) that ...
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Why didn't the rebels on Hoth use X-Wings to fight AT-ATs?

This question and answers do a good job explaining why the Imperial forces didn't have fighter protection for their ground force on Hoth. But nothing there explains why the Rebels didn't use X-Wings ...
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Battle of Hoth: how did the AT-ATs manage to disable the shield generator?

(This question is related to How did the AT-ATs get to the surface of Hoth?, and was originally posted as an answer there, but it's not the same) In The Empire Strikes Back, the Empire attacks Rebel ...
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How did the AT-ATs get to the surface of Hoth?

I'm curious how these beasts got down to the surface of Hoth. Did the Galactic Empire land them in big ships, if so which ones?
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