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For questions about the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.

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Would Belle still be a Disney Princess if her husband was a duke? [duplicate]

In the original plans for the animated Beauty and the Beast, the Prince was to be a Duke. If they had kept that in, Belle would’ve been a Duchess when she married him, so would she still be a Disney ...
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Is Aurora from Once Upon A Time an allusion to Belle from Beauty and the Beast?

In Once Upon A Time, Prince Phillip is an allusion to the Beast from Beauty and the Beast because he has a a curse that turns him into a Yaoguai. Maleficent in said TV series is an allusion to the ...
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In Beauty and the Beast, what if the Prince showed kindness to the Enchantress?

In the prologue of both Disney Beauty and the Beast adaptations, the Prince turned down the old woman simply because of her appearance, so she turned into the Enchantress and cursed the castle. Is ...
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How old is Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast?

How old is Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast? I've tried to search it up but it doesn't come up.
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Why do the people act like the household items they turn into?

(Split from this question.) In Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” all the castle staff and livestock were, at some time in the past, turned into china , furniture, clocks, feather dusters, etc. These ...
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Where are all the original household items?

This question reminded me of a nagging problem in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”: at some point in the past, all the castle staff and livestock were turned into china, furniture, clocks, feather ...
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According to Disney, where during "Beauty and the Beast" do the sequels take place?

A common complaint about the Beauty and the Beast sequels (Belle's Magical World and The Enchanted Christmas) is that they mess with the continuity of the film. According to Disney, when during the ...
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Did Aunt Marguerite kill Belle’s mother?

Ok, so for those who didn’t know, there were 2 original screenplays for the animated Beauty and the Beast. The first had Beauty’s wicked sisters. The second one condensed the sisters into one ...
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What caused the death of the Prince's parents in Beauty and the Beast (1991)?

In Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Prince Adam was an orphan by age 11 (when he was cursed by a sorceress into his bestial form). However, no reason is stated for his parents' deaths. Were there ...
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What's Mrs. Potts' first name?

Yesterday I went to see the new Beauty and the Beast and it has been bugging me since then. During the whole film she's called Mrs. Potts and when I've been looking around and found nothing, so if ...
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Do the cursed servants in Beast's castle grow older?

We know the Beast ages; I think he was eleven or something when he was cursed and he's 21 years old when the rose's last petal falls. But what about the servants? For example: was Chip a baby that ...
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How come the Beast in Beauty and the Beast was unknown to the villagers?

My sisters are currently watching this film and I noticed that the villagers know absolutely nothing about the Beast. Otherwise, how come Belle's father does not know who's castle it is. However, it ...
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Was Prince Adam really 11 when he was transformed?

In Beauty and the Beast (1994 Disney version) we can deduce the age of Prince Adam (the Beast) when he was first transformed, to be 11. This is from two things: "The rose, which was truly an ...
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