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For questions about Bender Rodriguez, the alcoholic robot in the animated television series "Futurama," created by Matt Groening. This tag should be used in conjunction with the [futurama] tag.

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How Does Bender Store Everything? [duplicate]

Bender Rodriguez. The lovable robot with a SERIOUS alcohol problem. One thing always perplexed me, though. How does he store everything? How did he get all these treasures? He stored them in his ...
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How Deep Are Bender's Insides?

Bender often pulls large objects from his torso cupboard, but how deep or how much empty space is he capable of storing? Can he bend space around the perimeters of the frame of his torso's door? If ...
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Was Bender programmed to be evil?

The character Bender Rodriguez in Futurama is a robot. He was built and programmed by Mom Corp. When he popped off the assembly line, was he programmed to be evil (i.e. his adorably greedy, ...
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Are there more bending units named Bender?

Bender is a bending unit. Bender was given the name Bender, same as Flexo was given his name. Under the assumption that bending units are given names having to do with bending, are there other ...
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What is Bender made of?

What is Bender (from Futurama) physically constructed out of? He mentions several times that he is "XX% titanium/lead/etc" but I don't recall the specific materials and proportions. This question ...
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How old is Bender?

In Rosewell That Ends Well, Bender is left behind in 1947 Roswell and is eventually recovered in 3002. Source: Wikipedia In Bender's Big Score, Bender uses the paradox-correcting time travel code to ...
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What happened to the bomb in Bender?

On Futurama in the episode "War is the H-Word", Bender was fitted with a bomb that when Bender utters "Ass", would blow up an 'enemy' planet. The bomb was modified to activate under a different word ...
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