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Big Hero 6 is a Disney animated movie, released in 2014. Loosely based on the [marvel] property of the same name, it follows the story of Hiro, who inherits his brother's robot (the iconic Baymax) and finds himself trying to solve the mystery of who stole Hiro's microbots.

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Why wasn't Baymax destroyed in the fire?

Baymax was in the fire. So why didn't he burn? Tadashi never brought him out so he should have been destroyed in the fire. Why wasn't he? It's possible someone else brought him out, but is there ...
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In Big Hero Six, professor Callaghan’s daughter, after being presumed dead, turned out to be alive. Is it the same for Hiro’s brother Tadashi? [duplicate]

Abigail, the daughter of the Professor, turned out to survive. Did Tadashi have that luck?
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What does Baymax's name mean?

Since neither Wikipedia nor the Marvel Database seems to know, anyone here have any well-sourced idea where Baymax's name came from?
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In Big Hero 6, is it ever confirmed that Robert Callaghan started the fire that claimed Tadashi's life?

In Big Hero 6, one of the central plot points is when Hiro tries using Baymax to kill Robert Callaghan. He tries to do this to avenge his brother, who died in a fire at the university Callaghan taught ...
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What was the "slight irregularity in the magnetic containment field"?

In the movie Big Hero 6 there is a scene where Krei is performing an experiment to test whether or not teleportation (and potentially time travel) is possible. He called it Project Silent Sparrow, ...
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Big Hero 6: Abigal Callaghan [duplicate]

When Baymax and Hiro find Abigal in the portal she is in deep sleep. She's been there for years so how did she not die of hunger?
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Is any explanation offered for "hyper-sleep"?

In Big Hero Six, I don't believe the movie offers any further explanation for this, or why Hiro isn't affected. Are there any other sources that explain this?
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What, where, why is San Fransokyo?

The movie Big Hero 6 takes place in and around a city called San Fransokyo, which is obviously an amalgam of San Francisco and Tokyo. Is there a explanation why this city exists, both in and out of ...
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Who is the model for Callaghan in Big Hero 6?

Background: Professor Callaghan is the head of the robotics program at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. It is later revealed that He is described (decently, IMO) in the Disney Wiki as: ...
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What is the name of the little black two faced battle robot seen in the first few minutes of Big Hero 6?

And will there be an action figure? All the other characters seem to have one.
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How did Baymax transfer Tadashi's memory card?

The following contains spoilers from Big Hero 6 (film). How did he do that without going berserk kungfu mode?
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Is Big Hero 6 part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Is the upcoming Big Hero 6 film part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I know Big Hero 6 has mutants, are they just not going to call them mutants because the xmen rights are owned by someone else? ...
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