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For questions about the biology of life and organisms in works of science fiction and fantasy. Always use in conjunction with the relevant work tag. Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms. With regards to science fiction and fantasy works, it is generally associated with the practicalities of invented forms of life or life-supporting habitats.

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Short story or book in which a man turns into a giant and is climbed by another man

Looking for a short story or book in which a man turns into a giant and is climbed by another man, who runs into interesting flora and fauna on the giant, and even resorts to eating a mite on the ...
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What does a Synth component do?

We know the component isn't needed for the android to live because Harkness had his removed, and we know it's not required to program the android because the recall code still worked with Harkness, so ...
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Westworld: Is the "biology" of the Hosts ever explained?

I became less familiar with the show after season 2. I believe one character reflects on the way the Hosts used to be and the audience is shown a sort of steampunk version of the robots with actual ...
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Can the transporter remove alcohol from a body?

As seen in Picard S3, the transporter can alter a subject's DNA on "reconstruction". So if I get drunk, can the transporter remove all the alcohol from my body?
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